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21 Nov

Welcome to Gypsy Bouche Publishing

Until we’re not!  The rise of influencer fame and thereby their fanbase vicariously has also led to the rise of the social media boss.  Recently YouTube, a regular people sharing site, that has become corporate is now deleting channels not making money.  Us small creators trying to grow are being dismissed because we are taking up enormous amounts of storage space and they’re done with us!  That’s fine.  I have been thinking of bringing my visual content to my blogs since the apocalypse got out of control.  I enjoyed the escape of commercials while streaming.  I was accepting of skippable ads between videos, irritated by ads within videos especially those you couldn’t skip, then outraged by creators only making videos to be an ad for a company while also having ads within the video!!  I also felt the corporate control was becoming nothing I enjoy or like to accept. …

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Pizza Passions!

19 Nov

I am in disbelief that I have never shared a post about my lifetime obsession with the savory pie and all time obsession- pizza!  This has been a hot pie summer for me where I have made and consumed many rounds.   I was then reminded when my dumplin asked, “why do you watch that show so much?”  He was referring to another of my favorite foodie syndicated cancelled shows (#mikeandmolly), King of Queens, that I stream often when I need a laugh break or background humor while I’m working.  Once I rattled of the reasons I had my aha moment: “because it takes place in New York, they eat pizza, they talk about pizza, they show plenty pizza, and they’re all hilarious!”

This show still is a family favorite (when mom was still with us) and now my own little family loves along with me.  Kevin James as the man child husband to Leah Remini, his brash bossy wife, are hilarious alone.  Add to their routines her outlandishly annoying father, who lives in their basement, and their hilarious side characters of friends and neighbors and I’m sent into a fit of giggles at the nonsense they get into!

Set to backdrops and scenarios in NYC, I am transported and reminded of my two separate trips to New York with sorority sisters and my cousins.  Honestly both times I was overwhelmed by the food oasis NYC is, I now realize I only ate pizza once each time, and both in the walk in by-the-slice neighborhood locations unique to the busy big apple streets.  Before those two trips I encountered a struggle to find my go to pizza place in Texas.  Pizza Hut, once a family go-to, had changed in taste, Dominoes felt like a mushy grease fest in my mouth, and the random local joints just didn’t hit the flavor sweet spot to me. 

Then my AmeriCorps group decided to go do some project planning at the pizza place up the street from the university, Nizza Pizza, which I had avoided solely due to the ever changing temporary business location they had taken up residence in.  I just didn’t have trust in that location across from my brothers high school alma mater.  When it was an ice cream chain (with workers coughing on our chocolate dipped cones) and the random businesses and restaurants that had briefly taken up residence I had little peace of mind in regards to cleanliness.  Little did I know I was missing out on an Italian style pizzaria right in the heart of Arlington!

My tastebuds had been revived and my holy grail pizza pie style was solidified.  I’m a thin crust, pep and sausage, sweetly robust sauce, savory spices, and sizzling cheese kinda gal!  They delivered in NYC size and flavor with slices you can fold, fresh salads and dressings, delish pasta servings, and New York cheesecake or cannoli for a full feast.  Requisite red and white checker pattern tablecloths, and vitrine filled with dessert choices to entice anyone with or without an appetite.  Nizza Pizza soon became a favorite to order for sorority gatherings and campus events I welcomed with joy.

I miss NP and, now living in Missouri, fill my thin crust void with homemade pizzas or Jack’s pizza, a top notch frozen pizza (since Red Baron, a former favorite, seems to have shrunk in size but not cost and the crust seems to be a smidge thicker and cuts the roof of my mouth) a few of which are shown in the video above.  Am I complaining?  Sorry if it seems so, I just have picky tastes when it comes to Za (shout out Spence played by Patton Oswalt).  Of course when budget doesn’t allow we have to settle for a store brand frozen pizza at Aldi or Walmart, but there’s not too many pizzas I’d turn down now. Sometimes, if we want to be decadent, we add sliced black olives, more meat and cheese, extra fennel seed, garlic and Italian seasoning.

I don’t prefer BBQ, white sauce, Hawaiian…no doubt if that’s all there is at the party I will nibble. I’ve even made keto fat head pizza twice, which is really good when you get the dough right.  When you don’t…just eat the toppings!  Pizza is my cheat meal, luxury treat, and comfort food all in one and has been a delicious companion thought my life: first move in meal at new houses on the floor surrounded by family, sleepover birthday party make your owns, girl scouts and school trips to cook in the restaurant kitchens, house parties, dorm room gatherings, movie nights, etc.  Whatever the occasion, I welcome the memories and, if on the menu, all the pizza! 👁️💓🍕


Cooking and Creating

16 Nov

YouTube will be cleaning their shop and storage of all small creators taking up space on their platform without bringing in revenue.  I am bringing over my content as I have considered since the beginning of this year due to fear of their deletion guidelines which are soon coming into play regardless of broken rules or not.  Here is my cooking collection of videos and some other fun content will be uploaded soon. Other media and vlogs will be available on my other blog, Moxie Hemp -> Adult Stuff Here!💞✨🎬

Fans of Strawberry Cake Fields🍓

18 Mar

The Cosby show has always been a nostalgic favorite of my television viewing. I am an absolute fan of Lisa Bonet, irl and as Denise Huxtable, her fashion and boho city attitude. My mom told me a story about me dressing for the library one day back in 1988 where I pulled my turtleneck down to my waist and flipped the sleeves inside knotting the ends for pockets. I had seen her do with an oversized shirt she was accustomed to wearing but one episode wore as a skirt. My mother appreciated the creativity but was not letting her 8 year old go to the library in a body hugging makeshift outfit no matter how innovative lol. There were so many great episodes involving fashion (Theo’s oblong Gordan Gartrell shirt made by Denise & Vanessa and friends wannabe over exposed, for that decade, singing group attempt), music, and especially food.

One particular episode that stuck with me was a celebration of Claire’s birthday, and Cliff surprised her with an evening of background jazz while he continued to bring out a series of creamy white iced 2 layer round cakes topped with strawberries. She was so ready to eat one she snuck a bite straight to the face leaving her with frosting as a tell tale smudge on her face. He went back to the kitchen then returned, putting creamy icing on his own face before presenting her with two long wooden spoons so they both dig in amidst their own laughter! I could only imagine how those fluffy frosted cakes tasted and only just recently got a notion with my son’s birthday.

My dumpling had initially requested a Très Leches Cake we watched being made on the YouTube channel Views from the Road, however after remembering this house is full of lactose intolerant eaters a cake soaked with three milks and topped with cream might be a bad idea! I decided to keep the sheet cake layout (since we had been eating double and triple layer rounds for the fall and winter holidays and birthdays last year) and switch to a strawberry cake topped with a thin layer of Cool Whip and sliced frozen strawberries which turned out to be a simple substitute and his new favorite! His eyes lit up when he saw the heart shaped strawberry slices against the snow white whipped topping, and he couldn’t stop talking about it and wanted it for breakfast, snacks, and dessert! He doesn’t usually talk about sweets like that (except coffee ice cream) so I know he enjoyed this cake🍰

My fiancé now wants one for his birthday but in his favorite flavors, lemon with a blueberries topping. I decided I was going to make my own birthday cake a chocolate sheet with Cool Whip and strawberries (if I can get chocolate whipped cream in the fall I wanted a peanut butter cake with chocolate Cool Whip). What a life when you’re planning out desserts in advance but since we don’t often stock up on sweets and I only make cakes on a few major holidays or birthdays those are our important times for us to satisfy those sugar cravings!

Easy Oatmeal ChocoCoNut Cookies

20 Nov

A friend of Handy Mike’s always saves me the leftover cookies from work functions.  My last treat was from a local company, Hot Box Cookies, started by Mizzou graduates. Their cookies are thick baked, soft and chewy-my favorite the chocolate chip cookies! This recent treat was from a meeting at the Hampton Inn, a trio of oatmeal chocolate chip coconut macadamia nut cookies.  A mouthful to say and to eat but truly a delicious combination.  My craving had new embers and I realized I had all those ingredients in my pantry (except macadamias) and set out the following week to make some.

Preheat the oven to 375°F.  I mixed 3/4 C self rising flour with 1/2 tsp. baking soda in one bowl.  In another I cream 1/4 C brown sugar, 3/4 C caster sugar, and 1/2 C (1 stick) of softened butter together.  To this I mix in 1egg, then 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract & 1/2 tsp. cinnamon.

Now it’s time to stir in 1 1/2 C oats and a cup or ones preference of add ins-today its shredded coconut, chocolate chips, and crushed walnuts! Place and press spooned scoops of dough on a greased baking sheet and bake: 10 minutes for soft cookies, 11 minutes soft and chewy, 12 minutes crispy cookies!

Oatmeal ChoCocoNut cookies

The boys like soft baked and I prefer crispy and chewy.  We went through the first batch in three days so I had to make more (and will need to make another replacement batch for the sitcom treat video as well)!  Of course we did-this cookie is a sweet, filling, satisfying biscuit with a cinnamony aroma! Totally addictive<3 Full recipe video on YouTube Gypsy Bouche!

second cookie batch

Second batch disappearing…

Mock Media Pie #mikeandmolly

2 Aug
kraft recipe pie

Boil 2 c granule sugar with 1-3/4 c of water.  When thickened add 2 tsp. of cream of tartar and zest of lemon+ 2 tsp. juice; remove from heat. Place ready made/homemade bottom crust in pan and layer 35-40 crackers inside crust.  Once cooled pour sugar syrup over 36 crackers (about 1-3/4 c), sprinkle with 1/2 tsp. cinnamon and place bits of 2 tbsp. of butter over top and place top crust, sealing and cutting steam slits.  Bake 30-35 min. on  425 degrees F;  cool and enjoy!

While watching Mike & Molly, the episode in season five after Carl and Victoria break up he brags that he is an excellent mock apple pie maker. After about the eighth time through a random marathon I had to refresh my memory on what exactly a mock apple pie was. I could recall hearing of this dessert and possibly eating but never questioned what the mock part actually meant. Surprisingly Google notified me that the dessert is a Great Depression era pie and, currently, the recipe is on the Ritz cracker box because the ersatz filling is actually crackers or soda crackers! I was shocked that I had eaten something made with crackers disguised as fruit and I was never the wiser. I also began to wonder how exactly crackers transformed into fruit filling.

It’s the cream of tartar added to the sugar mixture that stops the sweet liquid from bubbling into a grainy finish and instead becoming a sugar syrup, plumping the buttery crisps into faux fruit flesh, while the lemon adds enough punch to make you believe your eating moist tart apple slices! One young cousin enjoyed the insides (he’s not a fan of crust), while my fiancé, stepson, other cousin, and I enjoyed the entire finished product. I was also personally delighted with the sweet sticky crust (my favorite part of most pies and cobblers- especially peach which I was able to enjoy before pinpointing my allergy and why my lips became a swollen bumpy mass after eating the stone fruit).

The Mike & Molly DVD set is my go to when streaming is touch and go or I’ve tired of scrolling through YouTube subscriptions.  If you missed the hilarity train that was unfortunately canceled, it was a series about a couple who met in Overeaters Anonymous and was rife with food subplot material as they diet, over indulge, enjoy and sneak various food items.  With a sitcom setting in Chicago, IL the fast food reference of one of my Midwest regional childhood obsession completes the picture–#whitecastle #craveclub! Even though many shots were filmed on green screen and at a Warner Brothers studio in Burbank, CA (stage 24 to be exact where Friends and Full House have been filmed), the interspersed segue shots of the Chicago skyline at night feeds my night owl nature and gives me all the feels I need in a comfort show.   My favorite character Victoria, played by the lovely Katy Mixon, and her munchie cravings are an added bonus, not to mention the main hangout for the two beat officers Biggs and McMillan is Abe’s Hot Beef diner where talk and showcase of many indulgent foods takes place served up by Nyambi Nyambi as Samuel the Senegalese waiter.

I am all for faux foods. Sitcom and cartoon food has always fascinated me, if you’ve read past blogs of mine you already know (in my Big Freedia voice)! Years ago I learned about the tricks food stylists use to produce semi-real, edible and prop delicacies was interesting and brings more wonder to a scene as I see the cast preparing a meal or eating one.  This is a real life food dupe that can be enjoyed whether your taping a scene or sitting at home!  I was so impressed I left a five star review on the kraftrecipes.com site.  Watch me cook this nostalgic pie on the Gypsy Bouche YouTube channel to watch the recipe in action and my first bite reaction!


Mike & Molly

“Near Death Do Us Part”
Joel Murray
Story by: Al Higgins & Crystal Jenkins
Teleplay by: Aaron Vaccaro, Marla DuMont & Julie Bean
May 11, 2015

After Carl and Mike have a near-death experience while on duty, Carl tells Mike he’s going to propose to Victoria. Mike can’t keep the secret and tells Molly, who in turn blabs to Victoria and Joyce. This becomes an issue when Carl later tells Mike he’s changed his mind and doesn’t want to propose to Victoria yet, one that ultimately leads to a fight and a bitter breakup.

GB blog has a YT channel!

17 Jul

If you know me you recognize I love a good visual.  If you know me you also understand I am a human hibernator of sorts.  I would often tell my mother before she passed that I would love to be a hermit, puttering away in a cabin off the grid.  She did not agree with that lifestyle goal of shutting myself off from the world so it was a dream never realized.  As of late I haven’t had the luxury of the private cabin and escape from crushing adulthood responsibilities and chaos of the world, but I have been allowed a form of solace seeking and focused attention to many of my passions.

One could call me a neglectful blogger but I see myself as an expansive blogger funneling creative energies and projects into short videos.  Since my first upload about two years ago, a promotional video for my first erotic novel, I realized I could do more with the platform to let viewers and readers see the brains behind the books.  It has been a fun outlet and I have enjoyed putting my personality and artistic spin on edits and uploads. Come visit me at the Gypsy Bouche channel on You Tube.  You will find the same delicious random ramblings there as I cook, share meals, eat, and discuss crafts, music, media, family, and share stories from my life!  I also encourage you to like some videos, comment about yourself, share with others, and subscribe to my channel.  Hit the bell for notifications too so you wont forget to come through and visit for a moment-I promise not to keep you long or overwhelm you with uploads! As a creator (and viewer) I know it is time consuming to watch your favorite youtubers, support other small creators as we all try to grow our audiences, and make content for our own sites while taking care of our daily lives.  I appreciate the support and hope that you find the channel enjoyable as I work to evolve production and content; more videos and book projects are in the works.

I will soon be announcing a new audio book project and having a raffle for promo codes to get your FREE copy for a listen.  This project has allowed me to  showcase my voice and acting talents that I normally only utilized during story time when I taught pre school.  I enjoy books, reading, and giving life to the words and hope to keep expanding and growing the Gypsy Bouche brand further than I could ever imagine through these ventures!

Thank you for your follow-ship, fellowship, and friendship–see you there!

Welcome to the channel and why it’s so randomly focused LOL! We’ve got some good projects in the works and being birthed heehee. How do you feel about these ‘slurs’ being used BY the people the words were intended against, in their own flavorful vernacular?👀? 👁P.S. Watch the HULU original series “Shut Eye” and let me know what u think!! We love it in this house and it’s on its second season already💕 As always please COMMENT on a vid (I always need something answered)LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE or just share your thoughts!!
IG: walkeremalie 🐦@moxiehemp 👻gypsybouche420 💻gypsybouche OR moxiehemppapyrus.WordPress.com

Heart Concerns<3 and Farmer's Crab Dip!

8 Oct

The heart can be the strongest and weakest muscle physically and emotionally, and this week one has been as unpredictable as love itself.  Since Handy Mike is already on medication for heart issues, when his levels and numbers are “normal” often he doesn’t feel okay due to living with the elevated condition for a long time!  However this also means we have to be on special guard that we don’t mistake the medicine working for an actual issue: one side effect being that his pressure readings were up and down while his heart rate remained very low for a couple of days straight and he felt faint (like when his readings come back with good numbers but he feels a shift in his energy and light headed)!  After a relatively quick visit to what seems to be a great hospital* where staff practices good bed side manner, listening, and communication we checked out with a good bill of health and our questioned answered. The medicine is simply doing its job and we could potentially split the pill that is responsible for this good effect in half while keeping track that his other rhythm responses aren’t as drastic and worrying. Phew!!!

He already hadn’t wanted to cook a proper meal for dinner and we had planned for him to try a new appetizer for his evening nosh that morning:-P Since we got back home before nine p.m I was still able to make his Saturday treat, Dressed Up Crab Rangoon Dip, a third place winning treat from The Farmer’s Almanac (2106) by Debbie Reid from Clearwater, Florida.  HM loves Crab Rangoons from take out and the dine in Chinese buffet so I was happy to find something easy I could replicate in our toaster oven!

Chop crabmeat (imitation liked here) and roasted red peppers then mix softened cream cheese, sprinkle chives, garlic powder and salt & pepper, Swiss & Parmesan cheeses, Worcestershire, and a splash of milk in a bowl.  Scoop into an oven proof (sprayed/nonstick) baker and pop in for 20-25 minutes at 375 degrees.  She placed slivered almonds and more chives on top then baked again for 5 minutes, but I had already eaten the almonds and he doesn’t go wild for nuts anyway!  Mike enjoyed half with vegetable crackers for a light (heavy? lol) dinner and said if he wasn’t lactose intolerant he’d eat the whole thing.  I’ve added pictures of the leftovers; we had to get eating no time for photo shoots heeheeϖ♥



*Boone Hospital; I think my dad also used to travel here and do tech work and praised the hospital too!?


Longwinded & long distance support of Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

4 Sep



Texas Heart Courtesy: angelamcphersonblog.com


My family lived in Texas for over fifteen years, while my brother and a few cousins remain in a few of its cities.  Many of my sorority sisters are from and have families still in Houston while old classmates and neighbors have roots in Louisiana.  Countless family members have visited us there over the past years, and I still identify the state as a second home town.  They say once you live in Texas your a Texan but I can never forsake my Midwest roots!  However, the Lone Star state, south, and more countries are suffering form hurricanes or flood damages.  I don’t doubt many kin  and more may have to eventually evacuate among the others.
These disasters have put a charitable vision into our minds that has always been in our hearts.  Currently a small endeavor has been started, Hospitality Bags for the homeless, where we carry a few lunch sacks in our vehicles with non-perishable food, drink, and snacks to hand out if we see an individual or family in need as we do many times at traffic lights or shopping center intersections.  Eventually with donations we can add more to the bags like wipes, toiletries, small undergarments, etc.  My cousins and I, collectively as G’Mas Kitchen, are still hoping to set out to fill a small local void left by any emergency food programs that had funding or the entire programming cut.  Now, we are also dreaming of expanding to collecting clothing and goods for donation: later, as well as providing lunches every other Saturday for children at the church and once we solidify schedules having donated items, food, and provide information for any services needed by individuals or families in need.  For any neglected elderly, homeless, victims of tragedy or the floods/ hurricanes we want to be able to send items and care packages and, if you happen by our Midwest way, to have a center where we have experienced and practicing social workers, child care professionals, and home health care workers in the family available for advice and support.
Hopefully, after the enough planning, crowd funding, and getting all affairs in order our dream is to get The Lord’s Kitchen back up and running at Progressive Baptist in addition to or as our own charitable entity, G’Mas Kitchen In memory of our beloved grandma Dorothy!  We would love to be able to do and provide more in time and efforts.  In the meantime, if you would like to donate or help, please contact at emaliewalker@yahoo.com or make a donation to the PayPal account established for the Hospitality Bags for the homeless at: paypal.me/HospitalityHostess.
Thank you, prayers, & more information to come ❤

Horrifically hilarious procrastination.

27 Aug

*Published yesterday on my author blog, Moxie Hemp Papyrus. #postaweek

There are a great number of things that occupy my interest and time away from writing.  At the moment it is a binge of multi-medias (horror movies, Netflix, YouTube, and televison shows), auditions, blogs and web projects for the Gypsy Bouche channel AND Mikes’ contracting business, or taste testing recipes.   Recently my cousin and I made another candle order for summer 2017.

This birthday bundle was well received and the ladies didn’t even want to burn them! Let me state, ‘yes, you can burn the candles, if you choose otherwise they’re still good tchotchkes , and keep most of the integrity of the design.  The primary heat is concentrated toward the middle:)’.  Those that do (usually the wax crystals), can be replace for half the cost of the original purchase!

The candles are long burning: Mike left one burning in the store after closing and it was there burning two days later!  NOT that I am advocating leaving burning candles from any source unnatended ever!  However, this accidental brain fart provided a wealth of information about the products attributes heehee.
Now that we’re back, and before we head back out to the Lou again, we’ve had some hang time and what did we stumble upon?  The return of Raven Baxter on Raven’s Home!!!  When he’s not cutting up, me and the little one watch and while we both laugh I often catch him watchin me crack up more than him!  Raven TICKLES me with those faces and reactions, I am reliving That’s So Raven moments as she and Chelsea try their hand at adulting.  I like getting to see the friends grown up and the way they are doing it, but I hate they sent Devon away and hope that’s not the final storyline on him!  P.S. Spoiler Alert* I believe and am churning with curiosity now, that locked in the vault, Chelsea confessed to sleeping with/kissing Devon “on international waters, so it doesn’t count!?”
As far as my adult viewing habits, I am also enjoying season two of Insecure it’s Hella Germane in regard to the plight of single black professionals and drifters!  I just have to say here, because there are plenty great breakdown/reaction videos (especially by @Jouelzy) about episodes, Issa should never have clarified to Daniel that they were just f*k buddies after he comes to her rescue after her car accident!!!  That’s a rule breaker when you’re supposed to be mastering the hoe-tation LHH!  Marlon is also a winner in this household!  His antics are well timed and I love the dynamic of the show and adore Essence Atkins in everything 😀  Shout out Half & Half!!
What I’m waiting on now are the sets filming like Blackish, Grownish(!), American Housewife, The Middle ( sadly their ninth and last season), Broad City, Stranger Things, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (even though the wait is until 2018 but that’s only five months away!ugh!), American Horror Story Cult.  I did fall off on Roanoke but it’s cool, they still captivate me with their theatrics, costuming, character arcs, and lineage connecting the stories.  If you can believe it POPPED CULTURE has compiled a complete timeline of overlapping seasons if you need to see the relevance: which I did and loved:) Also, Disjointed on @Netflix has Kathy Bates here too and the show and dispensary is a hoot!  They also deal with a soldiers post traumatic depression in a brilliant visual of short cartoons and silent comics.
Alrighty, back to break time and most importantly Dinner Time!  For the nostalgia geeks, we’re having Big Chef burgers and homemade fries:P
Chat laterz #postaweek