Meringue Madness Surprise

10 Nov

Mushroom Meringues prepped

I have yet to enjoy a deep-fried candy bar.  I missed all the fairs (despite yearly free tickets courtesy the school system) due to lack of motivation to actually brave the crowd, and sludge through the standstill traffic that is the Texas State Fair to pay to eat this well-known phenomena.  I myself hate the fuss and mess of deep-frying in my small and often smoky kitchen due to no true ventilation except the slightly ineffective stove fan so I steer clear of this scenario.  I wanted to get that molten center crusted in a delicate shell with slight sweetness of a dipping batter…I worked the neural nerves, in the eyes up, lips pooched manner that has become my “how can I make this yummy” pose and decided the best way would be to stuff it in a meringue! That exclamation point is more than just for correct punctuation, I am genuinely excited to do this.  I want this in my mouth now:-)!  I’ve made meringues before, so I am not worried about the execution of this project. These shall be mushroom topped enticements for Alice, a surprise and treat like her stumbling upon the hidden presence of the Cheshire Cat… something to keep the lightness and blissful haze-Mushroom Madness Meringues; I don’t always alliterate recipe titles so please don’t come to expect that from me. 

Meringues: sugar and egg whites.  Candy bars: Snickers (my all time fave-I devoured a whole bag the day I got my braces off, LoL), Milky Way, and Twix…twenty-three minutes to go!!!


This is divine-a treat more delectable than fried candy.  Candy that becomes twisted amongst the sticky warm marshmallow, the sweet malted crunch of the outer meringue, and the melted gooeyness of the candy itself.  Re-sult!

Mushroom Madness Meringues


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