Saucy Satisfaction

14 Jun

Well-photos are in phone,

but phone being difficult with sending/downloading media and emails so I will post visuals later>

                                          I was getting beyond the point of hunger and my body was beginning the first of energy preservation shutdown mode I guess.  Didn’t want to microwave something quick but unsatisfying, since I hadn’t really eaten much at all today.  I had other plans for the Italian seasoned tomatoes, but I grabbed a can of chili beans on the way home and thought I could whip up some chili nachos.   I decided against ground beef on the last grocery trip mostly becos they tend to waste quickly and freezing it adds to prep time I’m not usually prepared to wait for :$ But as usual I’m ready to adapt on whim and with protein will glady substitute beans if making a choice 😛 yuM!!! 

Then while stiring and tasting the seasoning for the chili gravy I needed to create from total opposite flavors, I got a vision of  Mr. Huxtable, with that wooden spoon tasting his many sauces on The Cosby Show.  I’ll never know what flavors he produced all those times but I share the sensation and satisfaction of tasting what I’ve made and that feeling that trickles over you when you get it right!   And Heathcliff Huxtable fits well into this food blog since a major character trait is his love of food and bent for cooking.   Any show that will talk about the food as well is definately on the list for me.    There was always talk of his “diet” or need to be on one, what he peferred to eat,what they were gonna eat, what they ate…of course Iwatched for more than that! but those episodes always stood out for me cos that’s they way I tend to think-a lot<3   

A lot of Bill Cosby floating around here lately- some old Cosby episodes, a lot of vintage Fat Albert, and brought on memory foodwise by the seductive Strawberry Cloud Cake, now selling well at work *with some folks even reserving their slice at breakfast*!! This cake is delicate and hearty.  Crisp white fluffy whipped cream frosting, moist white angel cake layered with centered rings of strawberries in their deep red gelée.  Got the picture? ) The fruit sauce is the major sweetness, but it is not overpowring; it is necessary and supports the mild sweetness of the cake and whipped frosting.  On first site the cake reminded me of that Cosby episode where the doc silently taunts Claire with similar white frosting cakes with strawberry slice toppings to a jaunting jazz song.   He keeps bringing them out and leaving one after the other until she can take it no longer and, with a spoon he “trustingly” left, scoops a hefty portion out leaving tell tale frosting on her face. 

Well, good memories & good sauce. I spared myself the headache and near faint that is me famished~ I topped some stashed tortilla chips with the potion and melted shredded cheese.  Tomatoes count as my veg tonight-keeping it low key and simple ¤ I’m all good now ¤

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