25 Jun

So for a while I have been thinking Snickers has been cheatin the American consumer in size and peanuts.  I am major peeved about the nuts cos I CRaVe Peanuts!!!  Then my cousin shows me a You Tube vid of Aussie Nicko frying Snicker and guess what he informs us-Australia *dreamvacay3* sells The Lotz-Snickers peanut overload!!! As you know I do believe in imports-for a purpose not duplication, and since this is nothing near a duplication in ether quality or quantity.  Financially it is better for the company (promise more sales, I wud pay the current price for a REAL nutty Snickers) and honestly, they could discontinue the other as the current Snicker is not as satisfying as the commercials like to lead us to continue to believe.

On other fronts, I did not master bread (yet), though that is situational for now, I mean I prefer bread making under the Double S condition-space and surfaces.  In the meantime I am saving  space and money by doubling up with English Muffins. Toasted in A.M., drizzled with Nutella, with bacon, with turkey and spinach, cheese spread, plain…  Let’s just say- I’m into them =P  When I find a good bakery to support I’ll return to fresh yummy breads.

This pic brings to mind a vague story my mother told me about my elementary days: One of my teachers called her in to discuss my lunch.  She had concerns because all the food I brought in my lunch bag/box was partially eaten and I guess she thought I was sharing food???or something.  The truth, I made my own lunches and before I bagged em, I ate a piece!  Also, I sometimes went back to my locker and snuck bites during class.  When I put something together I can’t wait to taste!  Usually I’m grabbing  a bite and saying prayer while scooping toward ma bouche (and I haven’t sat down yet)!  So unfortunately I can’t get expected food stylist shots because I’ve either eaten a piece or the entire finished product :s LoL! But whatever, good food looks good whenever you snag a shot<3


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