Mock Media Pie #mikeandmolly

2 Aug
kraft recipe pie

Boil 2 c granule sugar with 1-3/4 c of water.  When thickened add 2 tsp. of cream of tartar and zest of lemon+ 2 tsp. juice; remove from heat. Place ready made/homemade bottom crust in pan and layer 35-40 crackers inside crust.  Once cooled pour sugar syrup over 36 crackers (about 1-3/4 c), sprinkle with 1/2 tsp. cinnamon and place bits of 2 tbsp. of butter over top and place top crust, sealing and cutting steam slits.  Bake 30-35 min. on  425 degrees F;  cool and enjoy!

While watching Mike & Molly, the episode in season five after Carl and Victoria break up he brags that he is an excellent mock apple pie maker. After about the eighth time through a random marathon I had to refresh my memory on what exactly a mock apple pie was. I could recall hearing of this dessert and possibly eating but never questioned what the mock part actually meant. Surprisingly Google notified me that the dessert is a Great Depression era pie and, currently, the recipe is on the Ritz cracker box because the ersatz filling is actually crackers or soda crackers! I was shocked that I had eaten something made with crackers disguised as fruit and I was never the wiser. I also began to wonder how exactly crackers transformed into fruit filling.

It’s the cream of tartar added to the sugar mixture that stops the sweet liquid from bubbling into a grainy finish and instead becoming a sugar syrup, plumping the buttery crisps into faux fruit flesh, while the lemon adds enough punch to make you believe your eating moist tart apple slices! One young cousin enjoyed the insides (he’s not a fan of crust), while my fiancé, stepson, other cousin, and I enjoyed the entire finished product. I was also personally delighted with the sweet sticky crust (my favorite part of most pies and cobblers- especially peach which I was able to enjoy before pinpointing my allergy and why my lips became a swollen bumpy mass after eating the stone fruit).

The Mike & Molly DVD set is my go to when streaming is touch and go or I’ve tired of scrolling through YouTube subscriptions.  If you missed the hilarity train that was unfortunately canceled, it was a series about a couple who met in Overeaters Anonymous and was rife with food subplot material as they diet, over indulge, enjoy and sneak various food items.  With a sitcom setting in Chicago, IL the fast food reference of one of my Midwest regional childhood obsession completes the picture–#whitecastle #craveclub! Even though many shots were filmed on green screen and at a Warner Brothers studio in Burbank, CA (stage 24 to be exact where Friends and Full House have been filmed), the interspersed segue shots of the Chicago skyline at night feeds my night owl nature and gives me all the feels I need in a comfort show.   My favorite character Victoria, played by the lovely Katy Mixon, and her munchie cravings are an added bonus, not to mention the main hangout for the two beat officers Biggs and McMillan is Abe’s Hot Beef diner where talk and showcase of many indulgent foods takes place served up by Nyambi Nyambi as Samuel the Senegalese waiter.

I am all for faux foods. Sitcom and cartoon food has always fascinated me, if you’ve read past blogs of mine you already know (in my Big Freedia voice)! Years ago I learned about the tricks food stylists use to produce semi-real, edible and prop delicacies was interesting and brings more wonder to a scene as I see the cast preparing a meal or eating one.  This is a real life food dupe that can be enjoyed whether your taping a scene or sitting at home!  I was so impressed I left a five star review on the site.  Watch me cook this nostalgic pie on the Gypsy Bouche YouTube channel to watch the recipe in action and my first bite reaction!


Mike & Molly

“Near Death Do Us Part”
Joel Murray
Story by: Al Higgins & Crystal Jenkins
Teleplay by: Aaron Vaccaro, Marla DuMont & Julie Bean
May 11, 2015

After Carl and Mike have a near-death experience while on duty, Carl tells Mike he’s going to propose to Victoria. Mike can’t keep the secret and tells Molly, who in turn blabs to Victoria and Joyce. This becomes an issue when Carl later tells Mike he’s changed his mind and doesn’t want to propose to Victoria yet, one that ultimately leads to a fight and a bitter breakup.

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