Fans of Strawberry Cake Fields🍓

18 Mar

The Cosby show has always been a nostalgic favorite of my television viewing. I am an absolute fan of Lisa Bonet, irl and as Denise Huxtable, her fashion and boho city attitude. My mom told me a story about me dressing for the library one day back in 1988 where I pulled my turtleneck down to my waist and flipped the sleeves inside knotting the ends for pockets. I had seen her do with an oversized shirt she was accustomed to wearing but one episode wore as a skirt. My mother appreciated the creativity but was not letting her 8 year old go to the library in a body hugging makeshift outfit no matter how innovative lol. There were so many great episodes involving fashion (Theo’s oblong Gordan Gartrell shirt made by Denise & Vanessa and friends wannabe over exposed, for that decade, singing group attempt), music, and especially food.

One particular episode that stuck with me was a celebration of Claire’s birthday, and Cliff surprised her with an evening of background jazz while he continued to bring out a series of creamy white iced 2 layer round cakes topped with strawberries. She was so ready to eat one she snuck a bite straight to the face leaving her with frosting as a tell tale smudge on her face. He went back to the kitchen then returned, putting creamy icing on his own face before presenting her with two long wooden spoons so they both dig in amidst their own laughter! I could only imagine how those fluffy frosted cakes tasted and only just recently got a notion with my son’s birthday.

My dumpling had initially requested a Très Leches Cake we watched being made on the YouTube channel Views from the Road, however after remembering this house is full of lactose intolerant eaters a cake soaked with three milks and topped with cream might be a bad idea! I decided to keep the sheet cake layout (since we had been eating double and triple layer rounds for the fall and winter holidays and birthdays last year) and switch to a strawberry cake topped with a thin layer of Cool Whip and sliced frozen strawberries which turned out to be a simple substitute and his new favorite! His eyes lit up when he saw the heart shaped strawberry slices against the snow white whipped topping, and he couldn’t stop talking about it and wanted it for breakfast, snacks, and dessert! He doesn’t usually talk about sweets like that (except coffee ice cream) so I know he enjoyed this cake🍰

My fiancĂ© now wants one for his birthday but in his favorite flavors, lemon with a blueberries topping. I decided I was going to make my own birthday cake a chocolate sheet with Cool Whip and strawberries (if I can get chocolate whipped cream in the fall I wanted a peanut butter cake with chocolate Cool Whip). What a life when you’re planning out desserts in advance but since we don’t often stock up on sweets and I only make cakes on a few major holidays or birthdays those are our important times for us to satisfy those sugar cravings!

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