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We’re family…

21 Nov

Author Emalie Walker

Until we’re not!  The rise of influencer fame and thereby their fanbase vicariously has also led to the rise of the social media boss.  Recently YouTube, a regular people sharing site, that has become corporate is now deleting channels not making money.  Us small creators trying to grow are being dismissed because we are taking up enormous amounts of storage space and they’re done with us!  That’s fine.  I have been thinking of bringing my visual content to my blogs since the apocalypse got out of control.  I enjoyed the escape of commercials while streaming.  I was accepting of skippable ads between videos, irritated by ads within videos especially those you couldn’t skip, then outraged by creators only making videos to be an ad for a company while also having ads within the video!!  I also felt the corporate control was becoming nothing I enjoy or like to accept. …

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Cooking and Creating

16 Nov

YouTube will be cleaning their shop and storage of all small creators taking up space on their platform without bringing in revenue.  I am bringing over my content as I have considered since the beginning of this year due to fear of their deletion guidelines which are soon coming into play regardless of broken rules or not.  Here is my cooking collection of videos and some other fun content will be uploaded soon. Other media and vlogs will be available on my other blog, Moxie Hemp -> Adult Stuff Here!💞✨🎬

Fans of Strawberry Cake Fields🍓

18 Mar

The Cosby show has always been a nostalgic favorite of my television viewing. I am an absolute fan of Lisa Bonet, irl and as Denise Huxtable, her fashion and boho city attitude. My mom told me a story about me dressing for the library one day back in 1988 where I pulled my turtleneck down to my waist and flipped the sleeves inside knotting the ends for pockets. I had seen her do with an oversized shirt she was accustomed to wearing but one episode wore as a skirt. My mother appreciated the creativity but was not letting her 8 year old go to the library in a body hugging makeshift outfit no matter how innovative lol. There were so many great episodes involving fashion (Theo’s oblong Gordan Gartrell shirt made by Denise & Vanessa and friends wannabe over exposed, for that decade, singing group attempt), music, and especially food.

One particular episode that stuck with me was a celebration of Claire’s birthday, and Cliff surprised her with an evening of background jazz while he continued to bring out a series of creamy white iced 2 layer round cakes topped with strawberries. She was so ready to eat one she snuck a bite straight to the face leaving her with frosting as a tell tale smudge on her face. He went back to the kitchen then returned, putting creamy icing on his own face before presenting her with two long wooden spoons so they both dig in amidst their own laughter! I could only imagine how those fluffy frosted cakes tasted and only just recently got a notion with my son’s birthday.

My dumpling had initially requested a Très Leches Cake we watched being made on the YouTube channel Views from the Road, however after remembering this house is full of lactose intolerant eaters a cake soaked with three milks and topped with cream might be a bad idea! I decided to keep the sheet cake layout (since we had been eating double and triple layer rounds for the fall and winter holidays and birthdays last year) and switch to a strawberry cake topped with a thin layer of Cool Whip and sliced frozen strawberries which turned out to be a simple substitute and his new favorite! His eyes lit up when he saw the heart shaped strawberry slices against the snow white whipped topping, and he couldn’t stop talking about it and wanted it for breakfast, snacks, and dessert! He doesn’t usually talk about sweets like that (except coffee ice cream) so I know he enjoyed this cake🍰

My fiancé now wants one for his birthday but in his favorite flavors, lemon with a blueberries topping. I decided I was going to make my own birthday cake a chocolate sheet with Cool Whip and strawberries (if I can get chocolate whipped cream in the fall I wanted a peanut butter cake with chocolate Cool Whip). What a life when you’re planning out desserts in advance but since we don’t often stock up on sweets and I only make cakes on a few major holidays or birthdays those are our important times for us to satisfy those sugar cravings!

GB blog has a YT channel!

17 Jul

If you know me you recognize I love a good visual.  If you know me you also understand I am a human hibernator of sorts.  I would often tell my mother before she passed that I would love to be a hermit, puttering away in a cabin off the grid.  She did not agree with that lifestyle goal of shutting myself off from the world so it was a dream never realized.  As of late I haven’t had the luxury of the private cabin and escape from crushing adulthood responsibilities and chaos of the world, but I have been allowed a form of solace seeking and focused attention to many of my passions.

One could call me a neglectful blogger but I see myself as an expansive blogger funneling creative energies and projects into short videos.  Since my first upload about two years ago, a promotional video for my first erotic novel, I realized I could do more with the platform to let viewers and readers see the brains behind the books.  It has been a fun outlet and I have enjoyed putting my personality and artistic spin on edits and uploads. Come visit me at the Gypsy Bouche channel on You Tube.  You will find the same delicious random ramblings there as I cook, share meals, eat, and discuss crafts, music, media, family, and share stories from my life!  I also encourage you to like some videos, comment about yourself, share with others, and subscribe to my channel.  Hit the bell for notifications too so you wont forget to come through and visit for a moment-I promise not to keep you long or overwhelm you with uploads! As a creator (and viewer) I know it is time consuming to watch your favorite youtubers, support other small creators as we all try to grow our audiences, and make content for our own sites while taking care of our daily lives.  I appreciate the support and hope that you find the channel enjoyable as I work to evolve production and content; more videos and book projects are in the works.

I will soon be announcing a new audio book project and having a raffle for promo codes to get your FREE copy for a listen.  This project has allowed me to  showcase my voice and acting talents that I normally only utilized during story time when I taught pre school.  I enjoy books, reading, and giving life to the words and hope to keep expanding and growing the Gypsy Bouche brand further than I could ever imagine through these ventures!

Thank you for your follow-ship, fellowship, and friendship–see you there!

Welcome to the channel and why it’s so randomly focused LOL! We’ve got some good projects in the works and being birthed heehee. How do you feel about these ‘slurs’ being used BY the people the words were intended against, in their own flavorful vernacular?👀? 👁P.S. Watch the HULU original series “Shut Eye” and let me know what u think!! We love it in this house and it’s on its second season already💕 As always please COMMENT on a vid (I always need something answered)LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE or just share your thoughts!!
IG: walkeremalie 🐦@moxiehemp 👻gypsybouche420 💻gypsybouche OR

Now available on Amazon Kindle!

22 Oct

Thanks avasterlingauthor !

Author Emalie Walker

Free preview at Amazon Kindle Site

Buy full copy at:

*Giveaway coming soon…

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Vacation Dreamin

21 Sep

booksWell the official un-plug is over but off-clock still busy on the “hut” for sales aaaand due to being caught up with work, I still get to enjoy some books and some old shows like…

Are You Being Served?.  Miss my Brit-Com weekends in Texas~

Malcom X: A Graphic Biography By Andrew Helfer

Saints (from Boxers & Saints) By Gene Yuen Yang

same difference and other stories by derek kirk kim

Oh yeah, and the Farmers Almanac 2016! All in all some good theories and useful information 😀  Okay, back to it.

“Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, Opus 64”

18 Sep

When people say “where have you BEEN?” things like this (and more unsaid) get in the way; there should be no hard feelings when reuniting…#letpettydie Good thoughts sis ESPECIALLY getting alone with waiting books<3

Life's Important Question: F.O.B.

I can’t believe that is has basically been half a year since I posted anything. Since then I’ve survived my first administration of TAKS as a teacher, taken and passed the dreaded PPR, completed my internship ( now I have to pay my fee for my certification and wait on my piece of paper to arrive stating that ‘I r a tichur,’ finished buying furniture for my apartment and signed a contract for next year.

Life has been a blur but I can’t say anything other than I’ve been vey blessed even when things weren’t the greatest. Like the 5 year turnover of friends, cultural frustrations, learning ugly truths about myself, have the delight of starting over yet again, being reminded o my failings, etc. But yes the clichéd terms, I’m better for it.

I’ve been productive enough to have completed most of my summer to-do list which means I…

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Rollin in Dough!

22 Jul

breadsthe creative baby bears practiced being bakers

bread close

made their own grain for a healthy plate


went sooo well with the chicken noodles and peas

Ocean Sunset Panorama

19 May

Don Charisma

Very calm waters this evening, which gives lovely reflection on the ocean …

Nine photo joined with special Pritt-Stick magic in Photoshop …

Enjoy 😀

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

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Aside 27 Jan

My few tech devices have regressed and while I have the systems operating (at their lowest speed and capability), I’ll attempt to get an entry in:

Since before the holidays fennel and celery were the veggies du jour!  The winter months have been abit more carb and starch loaded but delicious and filling with fish and rice,plain rice,  creamy rice and peas flavored wth sweet hoisin and teryaki, crunchy chopped salads, boiled egg salad and omelets.

This month my energy was  sputtering so I recharged my blood with red meat!  Slow roasted and eaten when when famished and no energy to start a fresh meal.  The steaks were marinated before cooking in lime juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic and onion s&p.  I did the same to some pork cutlets marinated in soy sauce, teryaki, paprika and turmeric.  Pineapple, applesauce, and oranges were chosen as sides with some pUnCh!! 

As far as snacks a few of us have become fans of popcorn and raisins~ salty and sweet just work!  Other than that none really.  I’ve even taken a break from my beloved processed Pop-tarts!?!  And since I haven’t had the time

to bake the good swirling in my brains recipe holder, I concentrated on the savory.  

Okay- so it has taken almost two hours to type this on the cell with limited service, ugh, so signing off with a hand cramp LOL

Later I will share photos and new scratch sauces¤