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Todays Cravings

11 Jul





Dedicated to Garfield the cat!

With other herbs, mixed half cup of chopped olives and crumbled frozen fresh spinach to the half sausage meat sauce, no other salt added.  Garlic bread to the side and top that chewy pecan walnut brownie with some double dutch post ice cream from last week👅😍 Welcome home lover…P.s. baby added brown sugar butter zucchini👏.  At some point check out the comic again ( @Garfield on IG.  The site has apps, games, and more where they treat you with a customized site experience based on your birthdate!  Ahh nostalgia💭IMG_20170711_202557

Birthday Po Boy Oh Boy

27 Aug


Yesterday was bAbY’s Birthday and I let him(ha) have a break from the kitchen and pulled out my fry skills for Spicy Ranch Shrimp Po Boys (for the adults-mini bAbY had regular ranch), scratch remoulade, and a salad.  He approved of his birthday meal with a clean plate, a compliment, kiss AND a dap… Pleased.  THEN next morning I have leftover shrimp and my girl Angie is making fried potatoes…yes I see the fried pattern but you are allowed to splurge and it was someone’s birthday at some point :)YUMMO.

shrimp salad shrimp breakfast

Best Idea Ever!!

22 Jul

We switched our nightly DVD binge from The Wire to It’s Always Sunny/Good Times.  He’s loving Sunny!!  So last night Baby reads a partial headline about Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny directing a movie about…My guess was “some super hero thing.”

No click the link-it’s MINECRAFT!! I was just thinking that when I saw the ads for Pixels.  I luurve Minecraft.  I squealed!!! My favorite rooms to design in any of my castles: the kitchen, garden, and my magic rooms.  Yeah It’s that serious for me.

Anyways we have a new joke about me being like Thelma from Good Times:  Always in mirror/bathroom, distracted cooker, and “Ain’t eaten!?! If that girl weighed like she eats, it’d take seven of them to lift her!”

I put the pork chops out to thaw…wrapped in Saran wrap, in sink of water (you know to make sure they thawed)…Baby came home to find them belly down and the blood running out.  Apparently that’s flavor.  But he loves that I try<3  I compensated with a quick marinade of spices, soy, and a honey mustard sauce. Skillet brown each side then quick broil with the glaze…I enjoyed mine, lil bAbY devoured all his and big baby’s plate was clean, out of pity or deliciousness I didn’t inquire further…



whats leiing arounD? Frogs legs??

8 Jul

leis and fishWe made leis and the dudes wanted to make cool fish to add or just toss around!  Nobody wanted feathers or shells (this time), still my Super Creative Kids:)  All we need now is some shave ice…

In other kid news : mInI bAbY doesn’t like onions but devoured two frogs legs 4th weekend!?!  I tasted too, and yes it does taste like chicken!

frog leg

Boot Scootin”

17 Jun

bud and sissy

I guess I am excited to have access to a computer again or just still floating from my recovery weekend with none other than…SISSY AND BUD-I can’t believe I sat down and double posted!  This weekend was a celebration of the unappreciated classic Urban Cowboy and the super duper honkey-tonk Gilley’s!!! I sat annoying my fiancé singing the songs and hootin it up as if I was right there.  Never was but that movie always stuck with me whether it was being raised in Texas for most of my life or just the down to earth simple love story.  It makes me smile on a rainy day and any other so I stayed in with the fam as we waited out the storm to send two youngins’ off north to Minnesota and avoided the Jurassic Park 3-D (2 hours plus!!! Glad I didn’t trot our group there in a tornado warning).

I was making chicken broccoli rice to take to work and of course I have to try but I wanted something to go with it cos I was getting hungry.  We have had a lot of carry ins with new staff and *celebrations*.  Most popular that I’ve brought in: the fiesta salad courtesy Hutcheson Junior High circa 1996!!! But hey you can’t beat Tex-Mex!!! But I didn’t feel like scrambling up ground beef, which is really expensive now, so I figured this side would be filling but light.

*The new Passat commercial continuously plays every morning without fail and wouldn’t you just love that the song is “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”, Waylon Jennings, tribute all around :)!


brocolli rice and cheese

For the graduates…

21 Apr
Bake Sale Granola

Bake Sale Granola: honey, PB, almonds, raisins, and cinnamon toasted rolled oats


30 Nov

Before my favorite month ends~

Thankgiving again with the laid back tradition I am fond of.  The hosts said to bring nothing so of course we only brought dessert!  My cuZo’s famous chocolate brownie cupcakes (so chewy and cakey and chocfudgey), my quick change to blueberry biscuits with powdered sugar glaze frosting!  I began with a pasta dish that changed itself in the middle of cooking.  But I am easy, breazy so back up I shall!

Jiffy Buttermilk Biscuit mix, fresh blueberries=Instant nosh

Jiffy Buttermilk Biscuit mix, fresh blueberries=Instant nosh

The chocolate fragrance distracted my driving the entire way but all was worth the wait on our drive to the outskirts.  The nature view was well matched to the earthiness I attribute to Thanksgiving:D  As soon as I revealed the biscuits as before, during, or after dinner treats, my aunt squealed “I’m getting one now!” and my host cousin ate one immediately and gave the thumbs up with a “these are good”!  Satisfied:)  My pickiest little second cousin actually got one…He didn’t finish but he gave constructive critique for his own tastes “the blueberries are too sour”.  They were sour and as a person not fond of fresh fruits and veg but willing to bite the bullet for the nutrients, he gets a pass for at lesst trying 😉  I also paid tribute to my immediate family that couldn’t be there: my mom I got an early cooking start, with less success, but at least a tasty baked result; for dad I wore my dolphin necklace, and for my bro I watched sports (granted it was XBox, but still sports no less).

I got hit in the head with a dresser drawer Three Stooges style LoL, almost peed on myself trying to play football cos I was way to full to participate-or lift my arms, we got rained out {lovely}, and spent the rest of our time in the basement laughing, playing dual systems, and sneaking back to the kitchen to finish off most of the things sitting out.  My biscuits were low but not gone so I took 2 for breakfast the next morning.  Was a good idea cos I was starving when I woke up.

End of night

End of night

The weekend did not end without some sadness♥GMW♥, but my family, their advice, understanding and their strength is comforting and we shall continue on with memories and love~


25 Jun

So for a while I have been thinking Snickers has been cheatin the American consumer in size and peanuts.  I am major peeved about the nuts cos I CRaVe Peanuts!!!  Then my cousin shows me a You Tube vid of Aussie Nicko frying Snicker and guess what he informs us-Australia *dreamvacay3* sells The Lotz-Snickers peanut overload!!! As you know I do believe in imports-for a purpose not duplication, and since this is nothing near a duplication in ether quality or quantity.  Financially it is better for the company (promise more sales, I wud pay the current price for a REAL nutty Snickers) and honestly, they could discontinue the other as the current Snicker is not as satisfying as the commercials like to lead us to continue to believe.

On other fronts, I did not master bread (yet), though that is situational for now, I mean I prefer bread making under the Double S condition-space and surfaces.  In the meantime I am saving  space and money by doubling up with English Muffins. Toasted in A.M., drizzled with Nutella, with bacon, with turkey and spinach, cheese spread, plain…  Let’s just say- I’m into them =P  When I find a good bakery to support I’ll return to fresh yummy breads.

This pic brings to mind a vague story my mother told me about my elementary days: One of my teachers called her in to discuss my lunch.  She had concerns because all the food I brought in my lunch bag/box was partially eaten and I guess she thought I was sharing food???or something.  The truth, I made my own lunches and before I bagged em, I ate a piece!  Also, I sometimes went back to my locker and snuck bites during class.  When I put something together I can’t wait to taste!  Usually I’m grabbing  a bite and saying prayer while scooping toward ma bouche (and I haven’t sat down yet)!  So unfortunately I can’t get expected food stylist shots because I’ve either eaten a piece or the entire finished product :s LoL! But whatever, good food looks good whenever you snag a shot<3


Food pyRAmid =D

20 Aug

Of course after eatin THE most wonderful steak dindin at work, I felt the need-no,no–desire to share not only that meal but a few other yummy noshes courtesy thA café!  And might I add,not only yummy but more fruit n VEG!!! (that’s for ma<3) 


This plate inspired me to snap a foto for the colors which were a wake up for my eyes that early morn’ and the reminder that I had finally been eating outside of my food pyramid.  I have a fruit allergy (to the 3 I don’t particularly care for which is convenient)but up until recently, my fruit consumption consisted of apples and oranges with the occasional grape or chunks of banana/pineapple…while I only really ate them 1% of the time to never:(  But I decided to throw some variety into the fast~break and blue~,(which I played around with a bit a while after) rasp~ and straw~berries, mandarins have become my fave go-to fruit snack.  AND with encouraged access to healthier options at hand and some excellent cooks I have had the pleasure of trying again some rejected veggies from the past and found some favorites!

Must start with the ASPARAGUS!  A veg I have been fascinated with; the shape,color, presentation (especially the asparagus n’ hollandaise).  So I’m addicted to ours n of course got to have some MORE on steak day<3
Then the Caribbean medley with the peppers, yellow squash (swEEt), broccoli and string beans…green beans…snap beans…haricots verts…BING! STop  I haven’t particularly liked a mouthful of roasted or steamed veg but this was awesome and later…I topped some rice pilaf with it as a meal<¡no meat¡>.  Maybe this is just my body saying Look wutchya been missin!?! 
Next up the zucchini-I mentioned before that I’ve only enjoyed this in ma’s zucchini bread, a sweet dish.  So they make sliced zucchini and parmesan (topped) but it’s entirely delicious, tender not mushy and the juice tingles the lips…
Still watching and creating
Qwik P/S. biggest improve~A tip to get a converter box for some local channels=Result!  I also get the @create channel, and that now means cooking and travel shows!    

Saucy Satisfaction

14 Jun

Well-photos are in phone,

but phone being difficult with sending/downloading media and emails so I will post visuals later>

                                          I was getting beyond the point of hunger and my body was beginning the first of energy preservation shutdown mode I guess.  Didn’t want to microwave something quick but unsatisfying, since I hadn’t really eaten much at all today.  I had other plans for the Italian seasoned tomatoes, but I grabbed a can of chili beans on the way home and thought I could whip up some chili nachos.   I decided against ground beef on the last grocery trip mostly becos they tend to waste quickly and freezing it adds to prep time I’m not usually prepared to wait for :$ But as usual I’m ready to adapt on whim and with protein will glady substitute beans if making a choice 😛 yuM!!! 

Then while stiring and tasting the seasoning for the chili gravy I needed to create from total opposite flavors, I got a vision of  Mr. Huxtable, with that wooden spoon tasting his many sauces on The Cosby Show.  I’ll never know what flavors he produced all those times but I share the sensation and satisfaction of tasting what I’ve made and that feeling that trickles over you when you get it right!   And Heathcliff Huxtable fits well into this food blog since a major character trait is his love of food and bent for cooking.   Any show that will talk about the food as well is definately on the list for me.    There was always talk of his “diet” or need to be on one, what he peferred to eat,what they were gonna eat, what they ate…of course Iwatched for more than that! but those episodes always stood out for me cos that’s they way I tend to think-a lot<3   

A lot of Bill Cosby floating around here lately- some old Cosby episodes, a lot of vintage Fat Albert, and brought on memory foodwise by the seductive Strawberry Cloud Cake, now selling well at work *with some folks even reserving their slice at breakfast*!! This cake is delicate and hearty.  Crisp white fluffy whipped cream frosting, moist white angel cake layered with centered rings of strawberries in their deep red gelée.  Got the picture? ) The fruit sauce is the major sweetness, but it is not overpowring; it is necessary and supports the mild sweetness of the cake and whipped frosting.  On first site the cake reminded me of that Cosby episode where the doc silently taunts Claire with similar white frosting cakes with strawberry slice toppings to a jaunting jazz song.   He keeps bringing them out and leaving one after the other until she can take it no longer and, with a spoon he “trustingly” left, scoops a hefty portion out leaving tell tale frosting on her face. 

Well, good memories & good sauce. I spared myself the headache and near faint that is me famished~ I topped some stashed tortilla chips with the potion and melted shredded cheese.  Tomatoes count as my veg tonight-keeping it low key and simple ¤ I’m all good now ¤