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Horrifically hilarious procrastination.

27 Aug

*Published yesterday on my author blog, Moxie Hemp Papyrus. #postaweek

There are a great number of things that occupy my interest and time away from writing.  At the moment it is a binge of multi-medias (horror movies, Netflix, YouTube, and televison shows), auditions, blogs and web projects for the Gypsy Bouche channel AND Mikes’ contracting business, or taste testing recipes.   Recently my cousin and I made another candle order for summer 2017.

This birthday bundle was well received and the ladies didn’t even want to burn them! Let me state, ‘yes, you can burn the candles, if you choose otherwise they’re still good tchotchkes , and keep most of the integrity of the design.  The primary heat is concentrated toward the middle:)’.  Those that do (usually the wax crystals), can be replace for half the cost of the original purchase!

The candles are long burning: Mike left one burning in the store after closing and it was there burning two days later!  NOT that I am advocating leaving burning candles from any source unnatended ever!  However, this accidental brain fart provided a wealth of information about the products attributes heehee.
Now that we’re back, and before we head back out to the Lou again, we’ve had some hang time and what did we stumble upon?  The return of Raven Baxter on Raven’s Home!!!  When he’s not cutting up, me and the little one watch and while we both laugh I often catch him watchin me crack up more than him!  Raven TICKLES me with those faces and reactions, I am reliving That’s So Raven moments as she and Chelsea try their hand at adulting.  I like getting to see the friends grown up and the way they are doing it, but I hate they sent Devon away and hope that’s not the final storyline on him!  P.S. Spoiler Alert* I believe and am churning with curiosity now, that locked in the vault, Chelsea confessed to sleeping with/kissing Devon “on international waters, so it doesn’t count!?”
As far as my adult viewing habits, I am also enjoying season two of Insecure it’s Hella Germane in regard to the plight of single black professionals and drifters!  I just have to say here, because there are plenty great breakdown/reaction videos (especially by @Jouelzy) about episodes, Issa should never have clarified to Daniel that they were just f*k buddies after he comes to her rescue after her car accident!!!  That’s a rule breaker when you’re supposed to be mastering the hoe-tation LHH!  Marlon is also a winner in this household!  His antics are well timed and I love the dynamic of the show and adore Essence Atkins in everything 😀  Shout out Half & Half!!
What I’m waiting on now are the sets filming like Blackish, Grownish(!), American Housewife, The Middle ( sadly their ninth and last season), Broad City, Stranger Things, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (even though the wait is until 2018 but that’s only five months away!ugh!), American Horror Story Cult.  I did fall off on Roanoke but it’s cool, they still captivate me with their theatrics, costuming, character arcs, and lineage connecting the stories.  If you can believe it POPPED CULTURE has compiled a complete timeline of overlapping seasons if you need to see the relevance: which I did and loved:) Also, Disjointed on @Netflix has Kathy Bates here too and the show and dispensary is a hoot!  They also deal with a soldiers post traumatic depression in a brilliant visual of short cartoons and silent comics.
Alrighty, back to break time and most importantly Dinner Time!  For the nostalgia geeks, we’re having Big Chef burgers and homemade fries:P
Chat laterz #postaweek

When I Think About The Cross

26 Nov

When trying not to worry…Favorite tracks: *1 / 3/ 8/ 7 / 11/13 /14.

#3*…A song much needed right now although I wish it didn’t hold relevance again so soon for the same reasons.

RIP Family, Friends, and Prayers for the world+

Thanks Dad

*My SUPER Favorites on repeat ❤

Products A Go-Go!

7 Oct

soap and gloryWell I decided a splurge was in order for all my dry spots as the chill hits and misses.  I’ma be ready for the winter ash so I hit the Ulta for expensive product restock. Unintentionally expensively chosen on my part. Two of my fave products I caught at super cheap prices when they were on the POS rack and at Target.  After they hooked us in the low end they switched to the high end.

I needed lotion and had to return to my Soap and Glory butters! Originally under $10 now $15 for the smaller jar; I got the lotion for five less same effect.  If you want to smell like a nutty, brown sugar grapefruit, this is the joint. Smells delish and probably a good meat glaze to, therefore a good body glaze.  You will have fans trust.   I wanted the shower scrub but I have to save money to go out of town this weekend. burts bees

As a person allergic to most everything I don’t stray far from Vaseline for my lips, but I read labels as one will usually spot me hunched in an aisle doing, and took a chance on Burt’s Bees  Red Dahlia Tinted Lip Balm.  Unbelievable with all the oils and extracts listed there’s not a one I’m allergic to.  The first one I picked up did though, lol!  Thank you for the option and the color<3

For our nightly foot rubs I went to look for Baume Du Randonneur Hiker’s Foot Healer.  Originally one cent, and long lasting for the .7oz or so.  Now  $19 for 26 oz., but expect it to last.  You only use less than a dime size squeeze and the cream spreads and absorbs.  We had been using an spearmint and jojoba oil mix, added to hemp lotion. This is easier and less messy:)  I don’t know how bad hikers feet are but this stuff is an instant healer!  9 Plants to Nourish Soften & smooth is the tag line and it delivers and the lemon mint aroma smells amazing! hikers heel

So those are my fall splurges so far and all of them are supposedly good for the earth, people, animals, and the soul!  At least the packaging says so 😉

/_\ love

Slowly I turn…

17 Aug

spaghetti scramble

As I resolve to take on more responsibilities in the domicile and for the sake of the family unit, I have had to make sputtering returns to the kitchen.  With appreciation shown and told, as well as off hand kudos I gain confidence again…at what I’m good at.  Let me stop the poetics and be real! I still burned the bottom of the skillet spaghetti (but not too bad the top was unsalvageable or inedible).

So now helping me is my new love…Barilla No Boil PastaPronto pasta I call it skillet pasta cos you dump, cover with water let it cook of then add tops and sauces!  No pot or pre boil.  The second time I was distracted as usual by who knows what and forgot the liquid was going away lol.  I add diced tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic, scramble ground beef (ma’s original) or scrambled pork sausage (our ghetto rigged delish remix), spinach and butter!

Here’s a list of house faves I have pleased the king and prince with: Mimi’s Famous Meatballs (his name not mine :P), pancakes from scratch or a box,  Tex-Mex tacos and nachos, lasagna,pork chops (he flipped when I coated in white cornmeal and honey mustard-he ain’t used to that flashy meat lhh), and Brown sugar cherry glazed salmon and semi-salad Nicoise (no anchovies)!  Yeah I saved that fancy meal for last and his first.  That’s what got him and he said he ain’t seen it like that since!!  Hey I just let him handle his kitchen until he needs me-I’m second string cook for rainy days but I’ll bust ya guts with the yumminess!!!

P.S.!!!!!slowly turn into this hotel-YAY!!!lady-gaga-ahs-hotelSo who dat coming to American Horror Story Hotel!?! Mother Monster ❤

Now at House of Treasures Booth 2303

28 Jul

A n W

nostalgic candlesMilkshakes

I’m melting~.

8 Jul

Ordered and  pendingtigercandle group girly candle Sea Cnadle

~Lighting the way~

1 Jul

candlesFamily Custom Candles.  One of a few orders; more to come…

Drumroll please…

15 Jun

Yay!  I finally pressed out two tangible books with art and cover art 🙂  One a children’s book the other adult fiction.  Yeah I finally had to get some of this stuff outta my head and onto the papyrus!  So I figure I should also get back on my wagon (wink, wink) and get a snapshot of the work up as well.   First synopsis…synopses..synopsyses.  Pause for a google thesaurus search…

Oh it was synopses; Result(in three tries but let’s not get technical)!!!  First synopses, then pictures.

What Can One Do?IMG_20150615_142840

Many things come in pairs but sometimes you only need one eye, arm, or just one you to make something special happen!  Follow the body parts to see how each part can contribute to our whole to help or have fun!  What Can One Do? is a story that helps us see the smallest one thing can make one large world of difference.

The True House Widows of St. Louis


Proof copy cover poster

Grief, secrets, passion, struggle, fame, murder!?!  Once these ladies assemble for the new hit internet reality show parading through the city and its outskirts, you can’t believe what will happen next?  Dot Greison a new widow returns to her hometown of East Saint Louis to start over with the help of her music industry step son ReaSean.  However his new reality it-girl bride isn’t having second billing on any show especially not her own wedding reality documentary!  Clashes with the gypsies, the hood crew, and the elites keep the audience clicking on and the cast turnt up!  Will the mis-matched crew ever simmer down to do better business or will the cameras and dramatics cause them to end the series before it even finishes?  Find out in the first installment of the housewives series where it all begins in The True House Widows of St. Louis.

Now I ‘m just looking for a good eye and a good editor.  Talked to a friend of a love and next steps to follow 😀 To be continued! ❤

Random remiNoshing

2 Nov

Meats and fruits and veg

I promise I’m not obsessed with Dr. Oz, I just recall an episode with an actress, whose name I can’t recall (UGH driving me crazy too!) about how the body better digests and processes certain food combinations, specifically how we should be eating each meal, certain high antioxidant combo proteins and fruits/vegetables (like beans and fruit), wet foods to combine with proteins~ I had notes, I threw them away, you get the idea.   This encouraged my change in the way I ate versus what I eat.  I don’t plan or eat by meals, usually my food intake is a combination of random things I want to eat and what is available to me when I finally get around to feeding my ailing head and stomach, therefore I have to make sure I combine my foods or I’ll miss a week or so of veg or fruit.  Bad I know!  I do stay pretty active and since I don’t indulge in fast foods or microwave foods the weight has stayed off longer than I ever thought but ya gotta be healthy too!!!  Of course one has to maintain any bulge or bloat but I do this easily with a reduce in starch and soda intake(and get in a neighborhood walk or some semi yoga-robics!).  Those two are my weaknesses I have yet to kick completely so far just reducing how often I have them.  So far I have stopped drinking milk for a few months now.  YES!!! I miss cereal but I feel better and less gluggy (whatever you can interpret that as lol) which I usually do when I drink milk or soy.  Cereal… 😦

So these are my habits with the busyness of work and Tasmanian devil morning routine with 3-5 year olds I had to get a handle on my insides again!  Fruit I can grab on the go, grapefruit and chocolate-hazelnut spoonfuls, a bowl of left overs like pork n’ beans and scrambled beef (granny :D)-maybe that’s not the food combining the actress meant but it still works for me, and water which I have been trying to get way more of in my gullet and using as a morning meal to get to lunch when I can take a breather! I started hearing my mom’s voice in my head whenever I used to go around saying I was hungry or still hungry to “drink some water you’ll feel better”.  So ma, I am and I do!  Main entrees have consisted of cucumber and kale with either marinated flank steaks  with pineapple, or grapefruit, boneless pork shoulder steaks with mixed veg and baked apples, scrambled eggs and whole apples.  Then we had a no lunch break day I forgot about and I had to eat the ordered in Subway (yes had to or I would have collapsed).  Really no worries though since I added extra peppers and cucumbers to the sandwich and we had an extra long morning trick or treat route the next day (shout out to Hailey and Allie girls!!! and the kind gentleman at the gas station who bought the green Laffy Taffy for us<3)

Fiesta salad

But today with my thought turning to home in the lone star state I had to make today all about the Fiesta salad!  Known to most of us that went to Hutch Junior High Fiesta salad Friday in the lunchroom was the only day we might eat.  Fritos, taco seasoned scrambled beef, salsa, beans, rice, lettuce and cheese for me, and whatever else you want (olives, jalapenos, sour cream, avocado, spicy corn…) YumNom

Food Rx

4 Jul

I don’t always just eat what’s healthy and necessary for my body. Let’s face it I love too much about the kitchy-ness and cuteness in the edible arena, but I am consciously practicing limiting the excess. Let’s take an episode of Dr. Oz I watched recently about reducing kitchen clutter among the packaged products and the storage products as far as safety and health are concerned. I really enjoy Dr. Oz and feel he does a great service to making the public aware of the schemes of food and drug companies, unnecessary or dangerous products and practices within those industries, as well as good nutritional info that does not (always :)) relying on supplements, diet and fads. This episode had information on the trickyness of food labels and demonstrating that the combination of any of these so-called “low-fat” or “no trans fat” boxed-bagged-canned products can put you and your family at more than the daily values/servings by lunch! Reading the entire nutritional info and ingredients is the key.

The doctor also explained why it is necessary to get rid of some old plastic dishes even undamaged outdoor plastic-ware from backyard barbeques and swim parties. The cancerous and toxic BPA chemicals that are no longer sealed into the surface as properly as when first purchased and used with hot foods and using them hot from the dishwasher can cause transfer after periods. This transfer is ingested but unseen by the eye and consumers are unaware if the items are visually still undamaged. However, my issue was that they paraded a bunch of new plastic-ware, albeit with new plastic technology that is less harmful. Whether it’s ergonomic or just cutesy with space-saving set-ups, it just leads to MORE CONSUMPTION and refilled space that doesn’t have to be filled by every new product bundle that comes out. Why? We still haven’t dealt with the massive overstock of the old and the now newly tossed out piles by your viewers, the ones in the segment and random people who don’t recycle!! Laughing hella hard but very serious. Our supply is outweighing the demand now, there needs to be more ‘Reducing’ from the Reuse and Recycle mantra, please and thank you!

I must admit I recall my days in junior and senior high school home-ec classes-do schools still have those!?!- and we learned about reading food labels to recognize fat calories and the rest was pretty self-explanatory. Yes, food labels and the packaging has evolved with the ever-changing assault of “ingredients” food companies try to sneak into our systems but I truly don’t like to see a lot of random chemical-ly words in the list of supposed food items, not including some preservative and coloring agents unavoidable. Since I am rather picky about the things I do buy, taste and allergy wise, I will share some of my favorite naughty little things that share rotation with a fairly balanced diet *wink,wink*:

[]PoPTaRtS!!![]     OMG my fave since a kid at home with mum n dad LOL! But weirdly only the Unfrosted Strawberry kind which is an item I would always toss in my purse if I was leaving the house for a while, headed to work with no lunch, breakfast on the go during early morning drivers ed, etc! I have been on a ban of the Brown Sugar since freshman orientation my first year of college. I tried to eat one the morning of the last day and couldn’t stomach it. The frosting and cookie parts were hard and like plaster, the sugar filling was too sweet and felt like sand in my throat. At the time and to this day I am not certain it wasn’t just a dry mouth from the fear and anxiety that my dad would be leaving later and I had said goodbye to my mom and brother in the south but wouldn’t see them again for a while. Nervous little freshman but I made it through the best year and long distance separation from them just fine. I still didn’t want that pop tart again though! Close second is the Chocolate Fudge which is like a mini chocolate pie dessert in a pinch when I want something chocolatey and sweet.
Sadly not even a grocery store donut can fill that void. How can grocery store bakeries with real people baking still taste processed??? Wherever I have lived…no region has surprised me yet. Granted I haven’t lived everywhere but enough from where I have lived have failed to ruin the dream for me.

*Red Baron/California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas*    Crusts- on point, sauces- definately on point in flavor and ratio to crust and toppings, toppings- I’m not too exotic when it comes to pizza toppers because texture is important when I’m munching, but CPK and their BBQ or spicy Italian flavors, the Spicy Sicilian is my fave. CPK also gets a plus because their microwave mini pizza are the best in flavor and finished completely edible product! No hard crust pieces to crack your teeth on (those edges could chip a tooth). Jack’s frozen pizzas were a price switch for a pizza bargain, my cousin buys the multi-pack of four since she has picky boys who seem to never want the same pizzas at the same time, but when I want to indulge I upgrade to RB or CPK!

<>Frozen sweets<>    The Banquet Apple Pie for ninety-three cents makes a fairly quick personal pie and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream taste just like a homemade oven baked pie.  The crusts cook perfect in the oven or micro.  There’s a Very Berry one but I’m haven’t tried yet, perhaps that’s a good taste bud adventure for the FOURTH!   A red cherry and blueberry pie with vanilla-white ice cream…Nom-O!

For quick dindin I keep ~Michelina’s~ frozen entrees in the freezer box often, and they only cost $1!!!  I prefer the Chicken Fried Rice and the Fettucine Alfredo since I don’t like to gamble with the quality or squish factor of frozen “meats” LOL!  The alfredo sauce has a good flavor and is creamy without needing any doctoring (although I usually add a little more basil;)

@Beefy BUBBA Burgers@     which I first discovered in Target’s frozen aisle are the juiciest, meatiest frozen burger I’ve tasted:)  I also eat them bunless like a steak, an option given on the box, and make a steak covered in buttery Havarti topped with stewed roasted tomatoes and some herbs over rice.  This is a fancy ode to the “Porcupine” foil dinner I remember my mom making for dinner when I was way young.  a hamburger cooked in foil with rice and saucy tomatoes; like a campout meal!

#Cereal#   All different kinds from the healthy flakey clustered bunches to the kiddy sugar-coated crunchers:D  I love cereal for any meal and snack and sometimes mix them in the same bowl…yea-I’m a ‘mixer”, I KNOW I’m not the only one though!  This trend began for me early only because I realized I couldn’t always choose between cereals I wanted to eat for a sitting, so instead I sampled them all at once!   SHOUT OUT>>If ANYone can recall a Rock Road cereal that used to be sold back in the…late 80’s, early 90’s??? I think there were graham cracker square flakes and fudgey marshmallows, but beyond that my memory fails me and I am sad…that cereal was delicious, I miss it, and ‘Thank You” ma for introducing my mouth to it!

%Cookies%    Mother’s the pink and white packaged brand stopped production of my favorite peanut butter cookie, well processed cookie in general.  The Peanut butter Gaucho was perfectly flavored, peanutted, and dunkable like the Oreo, another preferred sweet biscuit.  I just remember going to retrieve my luxury weakness (they were not cheap), and couldn’t find them.  For a short while I thought it was a little wait, maybe the grocery store didn’t order enough inventory.  Then I did some research online and discovered the news.  Others hearing the news earlier had opportunities to stock up on them before they were taken off shelves for good…another good product I miss.  I tried to replace with a store brands newest Chocolate Chip Cookie since the box said they contained all natural ingredients but to me even margarine is not more natural than butter.  So only every once in a while do I consider getting those, but honestly I haven’t even had a cookie in months and can’t remember the kind the last was!?!

*Pop Secret Homestyle Popcorn*  Popcorn is awesome hulls and all.  Yes those darned things can be troublesome to the gums but I won’t give up popcorn due to that.  I did see on QVC hull-less popcorn, but ordering ‘popcorn’ off the tv is kind of overkill and defeats the instant factor to getting popcorn (unless you order a lifetime supply I guess).  Homestyle flavor is just like seeds popped in a cast iron skillet at home on the stove and eating it out of all the different sized metal mixing bowls mom has in the house while we watch movie sprawled out in the living room!  Aah good times.  The salt and real butter ratio is perfectly balanced and hopefully a better option than the dangerous overconsumption of the oily yellow-orange stuff on the other Butter flavors.

{]Breads[}     I usually stick to tried and true white or wheat, buns varied depending on the occasion or entree but I recently decided to mix it up with the deli choices.  Rye I thought was a middle ground from wheat and not too far into pumpernickel or the darker rye since I’m not to fond of the tangy breads like those or sourdough.  I tried a brand St. Louis Famous Style Robust Rye, with the Caraway seeds!  It is super delicious and hearty, sliced wide for large-mouth sandwiches.  I like it with deli, homemade horseradish egg-salad, and as toast with breakfast.  I can’t get into making bagels and have no clue how to make english muffins so I buy these too and love to use for savory and sweet concoctions.

Well that’s a few of my pantry quick faves.  I’m kinda in a munchy mood laying out all those food memories haha.  What are some of ya’lls????