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It’s a shame Sabrina Claudio is racist…

17 Aug

Not since the ethereal tracks from Sade, Laura Nyro, Esthero, Amel Larriuex, Goapele or SabrinaAaliyah have I heard such a hauntingly beautiful songstress!  Sabrina Claudio, likewise accompanied by the production talents of another amazing backing band (i.e. Sweetback!), has created a ménage à trois of melody, instrumentals, and lyrics that seduce the listener.  Not to detract from her talent by comparing her to the other vocal angels listed, but the feeling of hearing someone capture the essence of what I loved in my throwback music in the present!?  Another thing I’m a nerd for (book covers, newspaper comics, untimely notes that resonate…) I find myself haunted and constantly replaying to permeate the white noise!  I get chills each time I listen, transported back to my childhood.  In the S.I.U.Edwardsville family dorm apartments we stayed in, my friends’ dad played and practiced his saxophone in the room above mine at night.  From then on I associated smooth jazz and the ethereal music that flows into the atmosphere with late nights, starry skies, and the city drives back home after hanging out with the fam in East Saint Louis.


Sabrina gives subtle blues skatting, rapid slam poetry delivery, and paced sensual vocals the business as she and her band play a well timed tennis match of allowing Sabrinas’ voice to resonate and knowing when to accentuate her vocal matrix.  I am not just listening to nice music, I am affected to my nerves and get chills (often tears) at the sensation brought on by these musical pieces.  If you believe in witchcraft, as I do, you will fear at first you are being hypnotized by a beautiful enchantress, and you are.  If it is intentional magic I can’t say for certain.  With the different cover and mash-up videos on You Tube and songs on her Soundcloud account her styling is genuinely unaffected, as if she’s speaking her incantation directly to you set to music.  On “I Belong To You” the tone of vocals matching the whispers of maraca shaking like a snake enticing Eve.  She flirts with herself to the throbbing nineties vibe beat with moans of ‘you’ reverberating, glazing the song with a little Madonna “Survival” (Bedtimes Stories 1994) which I used to bump in my magenta Neon!


“Confidently Lost”, the title of the album and track, is a jazzy day with a self-assured crooner, not alone or confused whether things are in place or falling apart.  The sickening drop beat of “Unravel Me” which is the opposite of what is commanded by the track name.  You won’t be the cause of Sabrina’s’ guard dropping or understand when it has!  The vocals build and pull the listener towards the heart of a vixen warning you to keep your distance.  The syncopated drawl of “Tell Me” and the moans it elicits from the vocalist, beckon the body to grind, like internally willing your crush to make that move and pull you to the dance floor or bed!  The group provides a tic-toc beat and electrifying echo on “Orion’s Belt” about the meeting of freckles and lovers lips channeling Nadia Ali and her many club ready anthems.
The visuals slay too, simple and completing the hypnosis: mirrored rooms and a classic silver shimmer jumper and mirrored platforms, a simple white mans shirt like Sade in “Never As Good As the First Time”.  Sabrina transitions between flowing slip dresses and gypsy chic rooms with gauzy bed linens with exposed wood and lots of nature and plants to…claw foot tubs wearing nothing but sand, flower buds, leaves, and butterflies!  The best part, Sabrina’s eyes as they stare you down through the camera, giving you a heart-gasm!  If there are any complaints it’s that each song is too short, not by technical production standards but personal needs, leaving me wanting of at least one more verse and hook before the song disappears from my ears.  Akin to SZA and her earthy rasp, often island lilt delivery of verse like on “Too Much Too Late”, the ears are left void as the last notes of songs played dissipate into the ether.  The silence is strange and loud after one of their songs is finished, so hit replay.  I let myself fall under the spell.  Then shit hit the fan-ugh!!!


After all is said and done and talent set aside, as a black woman, I cannot allow myself to support someone who doesn’t value me or those like me or any woman that isn’t fair skinned with flowy hair.  I don’t forgive anyone, in the generation during or after the one I grew up in, to claim “being young” as a rationale for their bigotry.  True, I grew up in Texas which has its own prejudice issues, but for the most part my school experience there from elementary to college, was filled with friendships and friend groups comprised of many different races without the fog of bias.  Even when I went away to college in Illinois at a predominantly but not completely black college then came back to Texas and joined a multicultural sorority (shout out my sistahs of Theta Chi Omega), a sense of community and unity was felt without focus on race or culture except to celebrate!


I also notice that even after she stopped using the racist account, she never collaborated with black females, only assimilated the tone of black female R&B singers and only collaborating with black males which means nothing.  We have seen time again throughout the changing tides of history from white women (now including other races who have a segmented racist view of blacks while they are also considered minorities by the oppressors) accusing black men of crimes to have them punished, often lethally, to black men now celebrating women other than black as a symbol of success as Nick Cannon recently stated mainly because they can.  However many other races, even those who are also disrespected by white racists, still don’t accept  blacks dating outside their race and some have still faced bigotry from those same women in conflict or their family or strangers.  I do not reject interracial love, my only complaint is if your love is a matter of fetish preference or full of dissing or rejecting one or the others culture as a bad thing, it’s not love it’s an agenda at that point.  I feel the purpose and beauty of any love union is to grow the human race forward, and progress into a greater community for humanity. connectedness, not to stagnate and promote more hate of self or others.

P.S.  No Name will be hitting St. Louis in September at Loufest and SZA will follow her up in St. Louis performing at the Ready Room in December!

Happy listening<3


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