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Food pyRAmid =D

20 Aug

Of course after eatin THE most wonderful steak dindin at work, I felt the need-no,no–desire to share not only that meal but a few other yummy noshes courtesy thA café!  And might I add,not only yummy but more fruit n VEG!!! (that’s for ma<3) 


This plate inspired me to snap a foto for the colors which were a wake up for my eyes that early morn’ and the reminder that I had finally been eating outside of my food pyramid.  I have a fruit allergy (to the 3 I don’t particularly care for which is convenient)but up until recently, my fruit consumption consisted of apples and oranges with the occasional grape or chunks of banana/pineapple…while I only really ate them 1% of the time to never:(  But I decided to throw some variety into the fast~break and blue~,(which I played around with a bit a while after) rasp~ and straw~berries, mandarins have become my fave go-to fruit snack.  AND with encouraged access to healthier options at hand and some excellent cooks I have had the pleasure of trying again some rejected veggies from the past and found some favorites!

Must start with the ASPARAGUS!  A veg I have been fascinated with; the shape,color, presentation (especially the asparagus n’ hollandaise).  So I’m addicted to ours n of course got to have some MORE on steak day<3
Then the Caribbean medley with the peppers, yellow squash (swEEt), broccoli and string beans…green beans…snap beans…haricots verts…BING! STop  I haven’t particularly liked a mouthful of roasted or steamed veg but this was awesome and later…I topped some rice pilaf with it as a meal<¡no meat¡>.  Maybe this is just my body saying Look wutchya been missin!?! 
Next up the zucchini-I mentioned before that I’ve only enjoyed this in ma’s zucchini bread, a sweet dish.  So they make sliced zucchini and parmesan (topped) but it’s entirely delicious, tender not mushy and the juice tingles the lips…
Still watching and creating
Qwik P/S. biggest improve~A tip to get a converter box for some local channels=Result!  I also get the @create channel, and that now means cooking and travel shows!