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Seek and Find:excerpt

27 Feb

Young Adult Fiction

By Emalie Walker


She daydreamed looking out the window at his store, wondering about her future and what she would actually do to make money.  The last time she went to the mall low on cash, she ran into a few girls that had graduated out of her middle school the year before in ’94.  They always seemed to have the new something: Dooney and Burke purses, Eastland shoes, Polo shirts.  The brands were their symbol.  Labels were their clique.

“Hey Harmonie!  We know you ain’t buying nothing up in this mall!  Why don’t you hang with us, we’ll hook you up?”

Harmonie didn’t really want anything, or the company, though didn’t spend too much time arguing specifics.   The less she resisted the less there was to share.  They walked into OMG, a store to get club clothes and tight denim, not that she would be able to wear either until the age of thirty or marriage according to her dad!  She followed them to the table with tube tops.  Her mistake-they were tube skirts.

Then she saw how they got the labels they flaunted.  Sure they had more pocket-money, but for this excursion they decided to slip some over-priced camisoles and mini-skirts into their waistbands.

Harmonie didn’t participate and didn’t say anything until they were back walking toward the music store.  “You didn’t get anything Harmonie?”

“No, it’s not right to steal.  Plus I work in a store smaller than that one, we couldn’t afford to stay open if folks did that to us and I know I would never get paid.”

Their assumed leader Byanca Persil spoke up.  “It’s the 20th Century-forget about them!  Besides, stores can afford it-how do you think all those conglomerate CEO’s accumulate all those yachts and island trips?  Their luxuries are bought with the theft insurance.”

Carine added, “Yeah, Harm it’s all good!  We aren’t going to let them get away with taking our hard-earned cash to pay for their hunting trips-“

“-where they kill endangered animals or humans!”  As vain as Vonette was she was equally as obsessed with conspiracies.  “So, are you going to accept the challenge of the revolution or not?”

“It might call for action more drastic than this.  Don’t be a chicken.”  Byanca smirked at Harmonie as if daring her to be a ‘fraidy cat’.

However, Harmonie wasn’t chicken or taking any chances with being on the punitive side of the revolution.  She also wondered how these girls were earning that hard-earned cash they claimed to be holding? She left them at the food court, excusing herself for a babysitting job she didn’t have, if only to demonstrate a business mind to her unenlightened peers.  Minus any fear of the unknown at breaking the law, she had first-hand knowledge of life after you cut off certain opportunities.



When I Think About The Cross

26 Nov

When trying not to worry…Favorite tracks: *1 / 3/ 8/ 7 / 11/13 /14.

#3*…A song much needed right now although I wish it didn’t hold relevance again so soon for the same reasons.

RIP Family, Friends, and Prayers for the world+

Thanks Dad

*My SUPER Favorites on repeat ❤

Birthday Bonds!

24 Jun

In June the maternal side of my family has a large celebration for all the June birthday babies-and we have PLENTY!  This midwest party was a blast with the pool and cold sandwiches to keep us busy and full!  I provided the spinach wrap BLT’s! YUMMY!  My dad included first at a past SuperBowl party of his, then I was more hesitant because I wasn’t a fan of spreads and wraps then.  Over the years, I’ve wrapped many things and can get used to a quick sandwich that doesn’t make my temples sore due to tough, chewy bread (*coughJmJncough, cough*). 

They were well received and gone after the buffet line!  I like that=D   Even heard my aunt going on about them while I was in W.C. I was making while people arrived and lots of questions to start-what’s that/what’s in that/what’s that green stuff/that looks like pizza/smells like breakfast!  That was the broiling bacon permeating the house.  When they were done all were pleasantly surprised<3  I am so glad this idea came to me!  I used: Laughing Cow cheese wedges, organic spinach and arugala mix, chopped Roma tomatoes, and thick cut bacon!  The rest of the party was awesome: pool volleyball with some extra hands-we always get others involved in our partying-music, freestyle rap (lil short one LOL), sinkin like stones (some more than others), games, cards…we kickd it.  Now back to paradise…*dreaming* Haha!!

Fettuccini Alfredo M.I.A.!

6 Feb

Quick sidebar:

So my cousin got to” food reminiscing” about his group of childhood friends in Minnesota.  They were close enough they interchangeably called the matriarchs “mama”  and entered freely wherever the group was gathered.  One friends dad was a fYre! cook, I am told, and at this point in the conversation my senses perked up! Among the favorites were chicken and dumplings (dumplings present themselves again), spaghetti, and fettuccini alfredo;-)  So yeah, I am in heaven with a creamy pasta dish-love, love, love the combo of pasta, butter and cheese.   

Reckon I’ll be making this dish in the near future so no rush, but I  do want to let Walter know, if you happen upon this post-get in touch!!! Your presence has been requested in the kitchen.  Fettuccini Alfredo-Order Up (puleeze)!