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Horrifically hilarious procrastination.

27 Aug

*Published yesterday on my author blog, Moxie Hemp Papyrus. #postaweek

There are a great number of things that occupy my interest and time away from writing.  At the moment it is a binge of multi-medias (horror movies, Netflix, YouTube, and televison shows), auditions, blogs and web projects for the Gypsy Bouche channel AND Mikes’ contracting business, or taste testing recipes.   Recently my cousin and I made another candle order for summer 2017.

This birthday bundle was well received and the ladies didn’t even want to burn them! Let me state, ‘yes, you can burn the candles, if you choose otherwise they’re still good tchotchkes , and keep most of the integrity of the design.  The primary heat is concentrated toward the middle:)’.  Those that do (usually the wax crystals), can be replace for half the cost of the original purchase!

The candles are long burning: Mike left one burning in the store after closing and it was there burning two days later!  NOT that I am advocating leaving burning candles from any source unnatended ever!  However, this accidental brain fart provided a wealth of information about the products attributes heehee.
Now that we’re back, and before we head back out to the Lou again, we’ve had some hang time and what did we stumble upon?  The return of Raven Baxter on Raven’s Home!!!  When he’s not cutting up, me and the little one watch and while we both laugh I often catch him watchin me crack up more than him!  Raven TICKLES me with those faces and reactions, I am reliving That’s So Raven moments as she and Chelsea try their hand at adulting.  I like getting to see the friends grown up and the way they are doing it, but I hate they sent Devon away and hope that’s not the final storyline on him!  P.S. Spoiler Alert* I believe and am churning with curiosity now, that locked in the vault, Chelsea confessed to sleeping with/kissing Devon “on international waters, so it doesn’t count!?”
As far as my adult viewing habits, I am also enjoying season two of Insecure it’s Hella Germane in regard to the plight of single black professionals and drifters!  I just have to say here, because there are plenty great breakdown/reaction videos (especially by @Jouelzy) about episodes, Issa should never have clarified to Daniel that they were just f*k buddies after he comes to her rescue after her car accident!!!  That’s a rule breaker when you’re supposed to be mastering the hoe-tation LHH!  Marlon is also a winner in this household!  His antics are well timed and I love the dynamic of the show and adore Essence Atkins in everything 😀  Shout out Half & Half!!
What I’m waiting on now are the sets filming like Blackish, Grownish(!), American Housewife, The Middle ( sadly their ninth and last season), Broad City, Stranger Things, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (even though the wait is until 2018 but that’s only five months away!ugh!), American Horror Story Cult.  I did fall off on Roanoke but it’s cool, they still captivate me with their theatrics, costuming, character arcs, and lineage connecting the stories.  If you can believe it POPPED CULTURE has compiled a complete timeline of overlapping seasons if you need to see the relevance: which I did and loved:) Also, Disjointed on @Netflix has Kathy Bates here too and the show and dispensary is a hoot!  They also deal with a soldiers post traumatic depression in a brilliant visual of short cartoons and silent comics.
Alrighty, back to break time and most importantly Dinner Time!  For the nostalgia geeks, we’re having Big Chef burgers and homemade fries:P
Chat laterz #postaweek

Tempura-s Rising!

17 Apr

*I am a frequent Netflix streamer*   This invention is my means to finding the quirky movies and shows from the past (and often new discoveries).  I was hyper that I could get the brit*coms I don’t have on DVD (!flipped-out!), but lu-urve the evolving queue of interesting finds!   The latest wave of reminiscing and obsessions comes courtesy the highly innapropriate animated  cartoon Shinchan and his status and gender mixing group of friends!  Sooper hilarious and over the line fun but guess what–!?! The animators and even the story lines give due attention to food and specific, detailed dishes, which contrast the shorts often gross and crude banter and situations.   Also, I appreciate the attention to the economic creativeness on the part of Mitzi (mom). Viewers are witness to her whipping up filling and abundant meals despite her husbands tiGHt (struggling) salesmans salary and crazy coupon/sale sprints- fitting subject matter for most households at this time ;-s!  Watching a few seasons in succession has only served to put me in a New “Wok” state of mind…  O.K.-bad pun try there but I am SO excited because not only is this a very fitting homage- due to my attraction to Japanese pop culture and kitsch-I have a lot of collectables.  Much of it comes courtesy my big sis Anna C. (Shout out to mah MoNStEr SiStAH!$!$)  Over the years she provided much of my Hello Kitty knick knacks [Her and Lisa Loeb should really meet-AHahaH Ya’ll could have when she performed at the campus!!!. I just happend to be passing the auditorium and she was rehearsing with her orchestra.  I was in awe; she has such a great artist with a beautiful voice:) 

This will be great practice and much needed “structured cooking practice time” as I am supposed to add more of .  So the good student will begin with cooking shellfish (which I never do), and I’ll probably make a rice dish as well(which, besides bread and pasta, is the staple starch I nosh the most¤).  Plus I get to break out the Wok!!! 

First try at tempura and "mochigome"!!


1 TBSP seasoned rice vinegar; 1 TBSP garlic rice vinegar; 1/2 tsp lemon pepper powder; 1 C mixed veg (brocco, cauli, carrot, sweet baby corn); 1 C (7-9) peeled, deveined tail-less shrimp, 1 C Tempura batter stirred with 1 C Ice cold water;

I served my tempura bunch accompanied by my version of sticky Japanese rice with chicken and green onions.  I made the sticky rice with instant boil-in-bag long grain cooked the day before with the chicken, chilled in fridge overnight.  The rice has had a chance to chill and soak up the starch from the previous boil and, since chilled, will get that nice cripsy outside and tender inside.  I tossed the cold rice in the Wok last, after tempura fry, with chicken, egg, and sprinkle of chopped green onion-Yum!!!

 PARTY!PARTY! Join Us-Join Us Shake your Tail When You Can!PARTY!PART-AY! 8-P

(flickriver.com) Shin-chan Bento!

Cinnamon Roll Fixation

15 Nov

So I had been craving a Cinnabon, a staple from my midwest childhood and frequent mall treat even when I moved down south! Then I moved to a town where I couldn’t find one anywhere close, even the local Arby’s, the company that bought many of them and placed them in selected stores, except where I currently lived. I found one in a nearby town, the catch being I would have to drive at least 45 minutes. I figured on a perfect day for a quick road trip I would try. So I did and upon arrival was met with flies buzzing around and a less than enthusiastic employee texting  lazily on the counter. The buns looked like they might have sat for most of the afternoon-why wasn’t there some sort of case or covering!?! Ugh!!! I was a little hesitant to buy but kept thinking I just drove 45 minutes and not to go home empty handed and the next option is about 2 hours plus away to the far east! I had no other business in this town but the ‘bon, so I reluctantly bought one, not wanting to acknowledge my own dissapointment at having to ride nearly an hour just for this one cinnamon roll and bing met with such dismal. To sum it up, I took the sad bun with semi-crusty icing home (not creamy-crusty!), set it in the microwave, then the fridge that night, then threw it out the next day…I couldn’t get the thought of those flies buzzing around and potential fly juice and footprints in that semi-crusted icing out of my head. I still craved a good cinnamon roll so last night I decided, no matter what, I was making myself cinnamon rolls the next morning.
I wanted to make them with the most balanced melange of icing and pastry because I hate not having enough icing for my roll, especially if the dough tends to be on the dry or tasteless side.  So I eighty-sixed the inside butter spread and used the icing instead:-)

Soft, sweet dough (I add vanilla to my milk here)-I get really excited when cutting the fragile fleshy roll and seeing the swirl appear with each layer. Creamy icing, inside and out. Sugary sweet cinnamon insides. 15 mintes at 450* and my need is satisfied:-)