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Best Idea Ever!!

22 Jul

We switched our nightly DVD binge from The Wire to It’s Always Sunny/Good Times.  He’s loving Sunny!!  So last night Baby reads a partial headline about Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny directing a movie about…My guess was “some super hero thing.”

No click the link-it’s MINECRAFT!! I was just thinking that when I saw the ads for Pixels.  I luurve Minecraft.  I squealed!!! My favorite rooms to design in any of my castles: the kitchen, garden, and my magic rooms.  Yeah It’s that serious for me.

Anyways we have a new joke about me being like Thelma from Good Times:  Always in mirror/bathroom, distracted cooker, and “Ain’t eaten!?! If that girl weighed like she eats, it’d take seven of them to lift her!”

I put the pork chops out to thaw…wrapped in Saran wrap, in sink of water (you know to make sure they thawed)…Baby came home to find them belly down and the blood running out.  Apparently that’s flavor.  But he loves that I try<3  I compensated with a quick marinade of spices, soy, and a honey mustard sauce. Skillet brown each side then quick broil with the glaze…I enjoyed mine, lil bAbY devoured all his and big baby’s plate was clean, out of pity or deliciousness I didn’t inquire further…