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Horrifically hilarious procrastination.

27 Aug

*Published yesterday on my author blog, Moxie Hemp Papyrus. #postaweek

There are a great number of things that occupy my interest and time away from writing.  At the moment it is a binge of multi-medias (horror movies, Netflix, YouTube, and televison shows), auditions, blogs and web projects for the Gypsy Bouche channel AND Mikes’ contracting business, or taste testing recipes.   Recently my cousin and I made another candle order for summer 2017.

This birthday bundle was well received and the ladies didn’t even want to burn them! Let me state, ‘yes, you can burn the candles, if you choose otherwise they’re still good tchotchkes , and keep most of the integrity of the design.  The primary heat is concentrated toward the middle:)’.  Those that do (usually the wax crystals), can be replace for half the cost of the original purchase!

The candles are long burning: Mike left one burning in the store after closing and it was there burning two days later!  NOT that I am advocating leaving burning candles from any source unnatended ever!  However, this accidental brain fart provided a wealth of information about the products attributes heehee.
Now that we’re back, and before we head back out to the Lou again, we’ve had some hang time and what did we stumble upon?  The return of Raven Baxter on Raven’s Home!!!  When he’s not cutting up, me and the little one watch and while we both laugh I often catch him watchin me crack up more than him!  Raven TICKLES me with those faces and reactions, I am reliving That’s So Raven moments as she and Chelsea try their hand at adulting.  I like getting to see the friends grown up and the way they are doing it, but I hate they sent Devon away and hope that’s not the final storyline on him!  P.S. Spoiler Alert* I believe and am churning with curiosity now, that locked in the vault, Chelsea confessed to sleeping with/kissing Devon “on international waters, so it doesn’t count!?”
As far as my adult viewing habits, I am also enjoying season two of Insecure it’s Hella Germane in regard to the plight of single black professionals and drifters!  I just have to say here, because there are plenty great breakdown/reaction videos (especially by @Jouelzy) about episodes, Issa should never have clarified to Daniel that they were just f*k buddies after he comes to her rescue after her car accident!!!  That’s a rule breaker when you’re supposed to be mastering the hoe-tation LHH!  Marlon is also a winner in this household!  His antics are well timed and I love the dynamic of the show and adore Essence Atkins in everything 😀  Shout out Half & Half!!
What I’m waiting on now are the sets filming like Blackish, Grownish(!), American Housewife, The Middle ( sadly their ninth and last season), Broad City, Stranger Things, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (even though the wait is until 2018 but that’s only five months away!ugh!), American Horror Story Cult.  I did fall off on Roanoke but it’s cool, they still captivate me with their theatrics, costuming, character arcs, and lineage connecting the stories.  If you can believe it POPPED CULTURE has compiled a complete timeline of overlapping seasons if you need to see the relevance: which I did and loved:) Also, Disjointed on @Netflix has Kathy Bates here too and the show and dispensary is a hoot!  They also deal with a soldiers post traumatic depression in a brilliant visual of short cartoons and silent comics.
Alrighty, back to break time and most importantly Dinner Time!  For the nostalgia geeks, we’re having Big Chef burgers and homemade fries:P
Chat laterz #postaweek

Smurfs revisited!

20 Mar

Well how does it feel to speak into being something of relative interest!?!  As mentioned in the first blog for Gypsy Bouche, I was captivated by the Smurfcake.  These cakes had already been back on my mind after glazing over at the site of a few sets of vintage Smurf glasses for sale at Itchy’s.  [I am getting a set, but which!!!]  When lo and behold out of nowhere, and through no fan push that I know of, I recently saw a poster for a new Smurfs movie to be released this year-with Katy Perry giving voice to Smurfette!!!  I still have my tiny Smurfs Six Flags sunhat in my keepsake box and I had a Smurfs toybox, felt wall hangings, bike, a Smurfette foil pressed picture and cake for my 3rd birthday…obsessed un peu  I believe there are still pictures in the albums…

Baker Smurf

I was way into them as a kid and you can assume my favorite characters~but more important in this post, are the actual cakes that were made.   It just seemed to me that they didn’t just have a normal sweet cake flavor.  I thought there might be some glotteral kick (I can describe that later) and armed with some special secret test ingredients, I am attempting two versions for the ¤brand¤ vanilla and  chocolate :-∂ I guess it’s only fitting in honor of the 3D movie movie, in celebration of the late creator, Peyo, and the longevity of his creation-53 years!!!

good inside...

...bad inside


The chocolate gets a pass-for now!  Rich, soft, moist, firm but spongey with a hint of orange-my cousin says.  Not the route I was going for with the secret ingredient here, but close, so I still have that and one other tweak I want to fix.  All in all, I’m on the right track with that one.  Sadly the white cake and it’s mystery ingredient was a fail, cooking into an upturned UFO and taking on the color, consistancy and flavor of a failed Clementine cake from years past.  Chuck those flawed bundts out-I will try something else I’m thinking of later but still searching for that one flavor that has eluded me here…  Meanwhile, I mould puffy mounds of mallow white frosting and carefully place some “Cherrys”- et voila!



Smurfcakes Tribute!