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Longwinded & long distance support of Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

4 Sep



Texas Heart Courtesy: angelamcphersonblog.com


My family lived in Texas for over fifteen years, while my brother and a few cousins remain in a few of its cities.  Many of my sorority sisters are from and have families still in Houston while old classmates and neighbors have roots in Louisiana.  Countless family members have visited us there over the past years, and I still identify the state as a second home town.  They say once you live in Texas your a Texan but I can never forsake my Midwest roots!  However, the Lone Star state, south, and more countries are suffering form hurricanes or flood damages.  I don’t doubt many kin  and more may have to eventually evacuate among the others.
These disasters have put a charitable vision into our minds that has always been in our hearts.  Currently a small endeavor has been started, Hospitality Bags for the homeless, where we carry a few lunch sacks in our vehicles with non-perishable food, drink, and snacks to hand out if we see an individual or family in need as we do many times at traffic lights or shopping center intersections.  Eventually with donations we can add more to the bags like wipes, toiletries, small undergarments, etc.  My cousins and I, collectively as G’Mas Kitchen, are still hoping to set out to fill a small local void left by any emergency food programs that had funding or the entire programming cut.  Now, we are also dreaming of expanding to collecting clothing and goods for donation: later, as well as providing lunches every other Saturday for children at the church and once we solidify schedules having donated items, food, and provide information for any services needed by individuals or families in need.  For any neglected elderly, homeless, victims of tragedy or the floods/ hurricanes we want to be able to send items and care packages and, if you happen by our Midwest way, to have a center where we have experienced and practicing social workers, child care professionals, and home health care workers in the family available for advice and support.
Hopefully, after the enough planning, crowd funding, and getting all affairs in order our dream is to get The Lord’s Kitchen back up and running at Progressive Baptist in addition to or as our own charitable entity, G’Mas Kitchen In memory of our beloved grandma Dorothy!  We would love to be able to do and provide more in time and efforts.  In the meantime, if you would like to donate or help, please contact at emaliewalker@yahoo.com or make a donation to the PayPal account established for the Hospitality Bags for the homeless at: paypal.me/HospitalityHostess.
Thank you, prayers, & more information to come ❤

Box Food

6 May

So, more delicious films to share!  Food in a box-good if it’s a bento or on the screen (or lunch-boxes, even Chinese take-out…Oh, I’m rambling…) Anyway, I get really excited when visual entertainment unexpectedly involves a food related storyline, and I was elated when sooper hilarious!Kevin Hart’s Film Think Like A Man not only had my two favorite characters covering the roles and, AND dream dream dream, do your thing…that’s the lesson here<3

Drink Drank Drunk, neither the title or cover giving the apperance of covering food, however cooking and creative restaurant partnerships:) are the plot to this funny, quirky film. Another plus-they’ve combined Mandarin and French for most of the film! 

I include two fave television shows here as I caught an episode of King of Queens that I had not seen before, even thru the onslaught of syndicated repeats over the few years since they’ve been off the air.  How kismet that it was heavy on the food issue and showcasing  Doug in epifany mode after the adoption of a runaway chicken changes his whole eating outlook, which annoys everyone because it’s a full personality overhaul!  Then in true form, big buck fast food brings him gulping back with a hilarious overload of beef*ROFL*!  Speaking of beef, a new LiKe of mine is the show GCB, set in the Big D with cutiepies Kristin Chenowith and Annie Pots.  This past weeks episode involved the Interfaith Barbeque Invitation and Texans do, I say DO, love a cook-off!  Fave line from the butcher being turned down for a date by the status concious real estate hottie: “This is texas, people’ll stop buying houses before they stop buying beef.”LOL 

The last mention, a show that I love for it’s focus on science, progressive thinking (often with shocking, or dangerous effects) and fun with geniuses at the lead.  There in this fictional town of Eureka is the Cafe Diem, the only local eatery needed, as they have a neverending arsenal of food supplies in their massive “back room”.  Whatever you want, from where ever in the world, whenever.  The newest young waitress was so confused “There’s no menu!?! They’re ordering all kinds of things!” 

I also have my own 2-D foodles that I think I may focus a blog to on this journal.  There’s some notebooks I’ve come across while consolidating, with some old doodles and I’ve recently devoted time and material to other sketches of food…Yeah it’s that serious.

So I’ll work on getting those scanned in or downloaded.  In the meantime I’ve got to pack~